3 Ways to De-Clutter in 2021

Professional organizer Blaire Davidson of Neat Method Jupiter offers a few tips to set you on a clutter-free path in the new year


Start the year off strong and tidy with help from professional organizer Blaire Davidson of Neat Method Jupiter. “Health and mindfulness top many resolution lists, and being organized is an important component in managing mental health and reducing anxiety,” she says. She offers a few tips to set you on the right path.

Start Small: Not sure where to begin? Davidson advises tackling one small space at a time, such as a bedroom nightstand. One category in your closet is a good place to start as well, like athletic wear or lingerie. “Keep an open mind and a willingness to part with what wasn’t working for you in 2020,” she says. Make three piles: donate, repair, trash.

Toss the Old: Get rid of anything in the kitchen that’s expired or past its due date—spices, canned goods, jams and spreads, snacks, etc. Have a junk drawer? Go through anything you haven’t used or needed in the last year. Sift through old mail and catalogs that can be recycled. Part with anything that doesn’t serve you. For example, says Davidson: “Make sure all of your food containers have lids that fit. If they don’t, it’s time to go. Or if your kids have any broken toys or pieces that are missing or lost, it may be time for them to retire.”

Photo by Martin Vecchio Photography

Keep It Going: Set regular, manageable goals for each room of the house and divide up the work among family members (enlisting professional help when needed). Establish daily, weekly, and monthly routines and note them on a calendar. And, says Davidson, try to make it feel fun instead of like a dreaded chore: “Ask a friend to help, or play great music while you work. And don’t stress—organization actually relieves anxiety.”

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