4 lessons I Learned From 
my Juice Cleanse

Managing Editor Jennifer Tormo embarks on the three-day, signature cleanse by local brand OnJuice.

1. Schedule your juice cleanse strategically. Don’t start it when you have friends visiting, a cocktail party to attend, or – in my case – a food issue of a magazine to produce. The moment I walked into a restaurant for a photo shoot, and was hit with the scent of fried food and fragrant sauces, was a low point. It smelled so ridiculously, torturously good. (Seriously, avoid restaurants at all costs.)

2. Prepare your body for the cleanse three days before. I dove into my cleanse the day after I’d consumed a glutinous, five-course dinner. Bad idea. To make the transition to an all-liquid diet more bearable, OnJuice recommends removing refined sugars, meat, wheat, soy, whey, dairy, eggs, alcohol and caffeine from your diet three days prior to a cleanse. Yes, that means no coffee, either.

3. Don’t keep your cleanse private. My friends thought it was hilarious to ask if I wanted a cheeseburger. (FYI: not funny.) But their support is still what got me to the end of day three. They shared their own cleanse stories – some told me they gave up six hours in; others made it to the end and felt incredible after. By relating to each other, we were able to laugh and appreciate the experience. Most importantly, they’ll tell you not to cheat when you want to.

4. Cleansing is incredibly hard. But it gets better. The second day of my cleanse was tough. I felt delirious, I was sweating and felt like I was having hot flashes. By 6 p.m., I was so nauseated and had such a bad headache that I locked myself in my room and sulked in bed for hours. I Googled “juice cleanse death” on my phone. But then I woke up the next morning and felt amazing, like my body had successfully rid itself of toxins. I was energetic, my skin glowed and I no longer missed solid food. I felt renewed and inspired to change my outlook on healthy eating. There is no doubt in my mind: it was worth it.

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