5 Photos That Will Make You Appreciate Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse On National Lighthouse Day


It can be seen from almost anywhere in town. Its beam is ubiquitous at the beach bars, and it stands proud over the Intracoastal. Sometimes, on a clear night, you can even see it from the top of the Jupiter High School bleachers at a football game.

For ages, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse guided sailors safely to their homes, and recently it has taken on a new significance: Locals have been adding the lighthouse to their prayers in the hopes of it guiding teen boaters Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen home.

Happy National Lighthouse Day to the defining landmark of our little fishing town, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The lighthouse has stood for over 150 years, and we hope it will stand for at least 150 more. 


Flickr/Corn Farmer
Image via Flickr/Corn Farmer


Flickr/US Bureau of Land Management
Image via Flickr/US Bureau of Land Management


Flickr/U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Image via Flickr/U.S. Bureau of Land Management


Image via Flickr/dcwriterdawn


The Jupiter Lighthose lens from the interior. Image via Flickr/StretchyBill

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