7 Questions With Meterologist Steve Weagle

Writer Josh Cohen Talks Weather And Hurricanes Over Cocktails With The 17-Year Veteran Of The Palm Beach And Treasure Coast Television Markets


The Famous Strawberry Basil Margarita

3 Fresh strawberries

3 Basil leaves, muddled

1 ½ oz. Casa Noble blanco tequila

½ oz. Cointreau

½ oz. Raspberry infuse simple syrup

½ oz. Brown sugar simple syrup

1 oz. Calaveras secret sour

WHO: WPTV NewsChannel 5 and WFLX FOX 29 Chief Meteorologist Steve Weagle.

WHAT: The famous strawberry basil margarita paired with 3 Amigos; grilled chicken, skirt steak and chorizo with rajas, Chihuahua cheese, sweet potato and ranchero sauce; Salmon Rosita—grilled salmon with sweet potato succotash, corn sauce, and chipotle aioli; and El Pollo Loco—Mojo marinated chicken, plantains, red rice and chimichurri.

WHERE: Calaveras Cantina at Harbourside Place, 125 Dockside Circle, Jupiter / 561.320.9661 / calaverascantinas.com

1) As a kid in Canada, I always thought I’d grow up and: become an astronomer, because I always liked looking at the stars. When I was five years old I got a telescope for Christmas. Watching “Star Trek” got me hooked on space and the stars, and the search for life elsewhere.

2) The best part about doing this job is: getting people excited about the weather. That and giving them practical and useful information that they can use every day. Weather is the one thing that we all have in common.

3) My favorite type of weather is: the hurricane, because it’s the Super Bowl of weather. Hurricanes are an incredible force of nature and an amazing challenge to forecast. Obviously we don’t wish for them, or want for people to ever be in harm’s way, but they are absolutely the most amazing force in all of nature.

4) The funny thing about meeting fans in public is: that the first thing almost everyone asks is, “How’s the weather?” and then how that’s always followed by, “You must be tired of getting asked that question.” It’s always so great to meet people in public.

5) The one fan encounter I will never forget is the time that: I was eating breakfast in a bagel shop after the hurricanes of 2004 when a woman came up to me and started crying. She told me how she was forced to spend all night in a closet seeking shelter, and said that my voice provided calm and comfort during the storm.

6) Becoming an American citizen last year was: the highlight moment of my last seventeen years of living here. I actually got choked up on the air that night, and that was the very first time I ever did that on air. Even after seventeen years here I didn’t always feel completely a part of the community, and this finally made me feel like a true part.

7) The annual “Steve Weagle Ride For The Red Cross” bicycle tour is so important to me because: it’s my chance to meet people in every community in our viewing area and help them prepare for hurricane season, all while raising money for the Red Cross. They’re always the very first people you’ll see when a hurricane comes through. We honestly couldn’t get through a hurricane or hurricane season without them.

An avid runner and boater, Steve Weagle has earned science degrees in math and physics, as well as a graduate degree in meteorology. A 17-year veteran of the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast television markets at the top-rated WPTV NewsChannel 5, Weagle has led his signature Red Cross bicycle tour at the start of hurricane season for the past 16 years. He rides the 120 miles from Sebastian to Boca Raton, raising more than a half million dollars in the process. Active in many local charities and causes, including the literacy coalition and cystic fibrosis, Weagle currently resides in Tequesta with his wife and their cat Meeko.

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