All Abuzz at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens

The retail and dining destination installed beehives earlier this year and will harvest the honey as a gift to the community this fall

Beehives at ShopCore Properties. Photo courtesy of ShopCore Properties
Beehives at ShopCore Properties. Photo courtesy of ShopCore Properties

Something new is buzzing at ShopCore Properties! As part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives, the real estate company that manages Downtown Palm Beach Gardens installed beehives to build upon an urban beekeeping pilot program installed at two properties in 2021.

Sustainability is central to our mission, our mandate, and our purpose,” said Corinne Rico, director of sustainability for ShopCore Properties. “From our properties to our communities, prioritizing the environment is part of how we do business. Installing beehives is one more layer to our sustainability and environmental goals. Bees play an exceedingly important role in a thriving ecosystem, and the honey they produce is rich in antioxidants. So, bees are advantageous for not only the environment, but also your health!” 

Downtown Palm Beach Gardens will harvest the honey this fall. The honey will then be packaged and offered to the community as a gift. Each beehive will have approximately 50,000 bees and will be cared for by local beekeepers.

In addition to this beekeeping initiative, Downtown Palm Beach Gardens’ shops and restaurants sell eco-friendly products and services, including: Whole Foods’ bee pollen and honey; Fro-Yotopia’s honey as a topping; VooDoo Bayou hot honey and buttermilk biscuits; The Spice & Tea Exchange’s special honeys; and REI’s bee’s wrap lunch pack, a natural alternative to plastic wrap is made of beeswax, GOTS-certified organically grown cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

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