Amazing Footage of Florida Lemon Sharks Captured Off Jupiter’s Coast


Shark migration is fascinating, and we love it when shark footage is caught off our own shores in Jupiter. 

South Florida videographer Sarosh Jacob recently went scuba diving off Jupiter’s coastline with Emerald Charters to shoot sharks in slow motion. Check out the footage below. 

Jacob has been photographing and filming marine life since he first took up scuba diving 10 years ago. 

“As intimidating as they may look, lemon sharks are actually pretty docile and love to come in close, which is perfect for an underwater photographer,” says Jacob. “These creatures are essential to balancing our ecosystems and should be protected.” 

An independent report, commissioned by Oceana in 2016, valued sharks to Florida’s dive industry at $221 million, in stark contrast to the total U.S. shark fin export market which was only $1.03 million. 

“That’s pretty huge,” says Jacob. “These sharks should not be taken by fishermen for their fins. I hope my films help raise awareness and changes the public’s perception on these marine animals for the greater good.” 

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Video provided by Sarosh Jacob

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