At iLeen Girl Boutique In Downtown Abacoa, Expect Flattering Clothing With International Flair


A rack of tunics and blouses on the sidewalk might catch a passerby’s attention. Stepping inside, the calming atmosphere of Ashley Lee Raicovich’s iLeen Girl Boutique in Downtown Abacoa will turn a hectic day of shopping into an easy, convenient task. 

The store’s artistically streaked walls are lined with neutral-colored tops, tunics and trousers. Standing by the front desk, Raicovich dons one of her favorite dresses from her collection—a simple, mid-thigh LBD accompanied by a string of glistening pearls. 

Around the World

It was nearly two years ago when Raicovich and her family took a leap over the Pacific Ocean to start a new life in Jupiter. Having never visited the U.S., Raicovich was initially fearful of what was to come but never let culture shock weigh her down. “The opening of my store was a journey,” she says.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Raicovich lived in China for a year before coming to America. During her time in Asia, Raicovich owned two boutiques and opened a wholesale company with her mother—who is another successful business woman and mentor for Raicovich. It was in Asia that Raicovich developed her minimalistic, one-size-fits-all concept that has become a success. “Some women can wear my pieces as dresses, while taller women can wear them as tunics with leggings or jeans,” she says. “My designs are not too fitted. Everything is loose and flowing.” 

The Design 

Because of the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, Raicovich finds herself designing two or three pieces a week, all of which are then featured in her boutique upon completion. And if you check the tags, Raicovich’s name is the only one you’ll find on any piece of clothing. 

Though her go-to style is minimalistic and convenient, Raicovich’s travels through Europe and Asia have been extensive. While visiting London, Paris, Rome and China, she drew inspiration from the buildings, colors and local art around her. In London and Paris, the women sported a modern, minimal look, with layered articles of clothing—an aspect that is prominent in Raicovich’s pieces. “Most of my designs can be layered with other articles of clothing, thus allowing each individual to create their own style with my clothes,” she says. When her travels bring her to tropical areas such as Bali or Saipan, she infuses a pop of color, usually to complement the season. 

Local Love

Despite her wanderlust, Raicovich ensures her boutique stays involved in the community by participating in weekly downtown specials and fundraisers. She’s also discovering innovative ways to utilize her shop and plans to host creative workshops and art or photography exhibits. “I’d like to meet more local artists and small business owners in the future. We could collaborate in many different ways,” she says.

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