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Race day tips

Whether you’ve been glued to your treadmill for months in anticipation or just want to have a casual, fun race day, these tips will help you enjoy the race, prevent injury and keep your energy levels high until you cross the finish line.

Start slow. Conserving energy is critical in distance running. If there are a lot of runners, be patient. You’ll need the extra energy for later on in the race.

Maintain a steady pace. Don’t run too fast or you’ll run out of steam. Find a pace that’s comfortable for you so that you don’t cramp or fatigue.

Drink plenty of fluids. Before, during and after the race make sure you consume at least six to eight ounces of water or a sports drink every 15 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated and keep your body cool, especially when running in hot weather.

Don’t forget to stretch. Make sure to stretch your legs pre-race to loosen muscles to prevent cramping. Also, stretch post-race to make sure you prevent cramping later on.

Eat safe. Don’t consume anything before or during the race that you have not consumed during training to prevent an upset stomach. After the race snack on a bagel, banana or energy bar to replenish nutrients.