Browfection: How To Shape And Shade Your Eyebrows Properly

by Melissa Puppo Dec 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Let’s face it, eyebrows are the most important feature. They make or break a look. Whether you have light arches or full brows, spending time shaping and filling makes all the difference. With some help from the experts at European Wax Center, achieving A-game eyebrows has never been easier.

5 Steps to Browfection:

1. Start with the Tail

Use short, light strokes to fill in the tail by starting at the arch and extending to the end. Finish with a point. 

2. Build the Base

Create a baseline across the bottom of the body of the brow. 

3. Frame and Fill the Body

Make a line parallel to the baseline and fill the area in between while avoiding the start of the brow.

4. Fill in the Start

Fill in the inside edge of the brow using a light touch to avoid a “drawn on” appearance.

5. Blend, Blend and Blend Again

Use a spoolie brush to blend it all together until you accomplish the desired look.

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