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Dolce&Gabbana makeup artist Christian McCulloch chats about his new makeup collection and shares tips for looking your best this summer. 

This Simple Yoga Pose Will Help You Reduce Stress

Kate McCabe is a nutritionist, yoga teacher, plant-based chef and holistic lifestyle blogger based in Palm Beach who specializes in helping others find more energy, mental clarity and happiness through diet and lifestyle modifications.

7 Fall Beauty Must-Haves

Our editor’s hair and makeup picks for an amped-up autumn look

Holiday Swag Bag

Sometimes, the pre-packaged “gift sets” just don’t cut it. Our editors sorted through the clutter to create the perfect beauty gift bag.

Let Us Introduce You To bistroMD, A Meal Subscription Program To Help You Eat...

For five days, associate editor Alyssa Morlacci tests out bistroMD—a meal subscription program for weight loss developed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist.

6 Makeup And Beauty Products That Got A Little Help From Nature

Get naturally beautiful skin with products picked from produce.

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“Healthy” tends to get a bad rap. With these three trending 
treatments for whole-body wellness, we'll have you reconsidering 
your opinion of the word.

4 lessons I Learned From 
my Juice Cleanse

4 lessons I Learned From 
my Juice Cleanse Edit Delete Unpublish Submitted by admin on Mon, 2014-05-05 10:36 1. Schedule your juice cleanse strategically. Don’t start it when you have friends visi...

Feel Fit And Fabulous In These Summer Styles – Vinyasa

No matter the activity, look good doing it.