Boca Raton’s Promise

Contact Number: 561.866.1850
6300 Park of Commerce Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33487
President & CEO: Rita Thrasher
Vice President: Seth Bernstein, Psy.D.
Year Founded: 1998

The mission of Boca Raton’s Promise is to identify mental health needs and resources in Palm Beach County and provide education and activities leading to early identification, treatment and access to services. Leadership established the collaborative “PBC Action Alliance” as a signature project. The agency assists in organizing community activities to propel change in attitudes and understanding by addressing mental health and wellness in schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and spiritual communities. Advocates lead women and youth in breaking their silence as members of the Palm Beach County Action Alliance. Priorities for study and action by agency and its partners relate to LGBTQ populations, resource development for clergy, elementary school programming, secondary youth creative arts productions, and women’s leadership.