Chiropractors Can Help You With Performance And Prevention Just As Much As They Can With Pain


It’s no secret that chiropractors are specialists in the detection, reduction and prevention of nervous system interferences. Defined by Dr. Gary Burns of Boca Raton Chiropractic Center, chiropractic is “a philosophy, science and art, and is also a way of living that allows the inner self to heal without any drugs or surgery.”

Most patients seek care for neck and back pain or injury, but there’s a lot more that can improve through chiropractic adjustments—carefully directed, controlled pressure applied to bones in order to help the body return to proper motion and position. Dr. Burns gives us more on the benefits of visiting a chiropractor below. 


Aside from obvious injury from a fall or accident, a chiropractor can aid in other forms of discomfort.“The body can be helped with an adjustment by balancing the nervous system,” Burns says. “An example of that would be adjusting levels to affect specific organs of the body like the digestive system.” Cervical and thoracic adjustments may help with acid reflux and constipation to help digestive organs work properly again. 


If sitting in the office for hours on end, hunched over a keyboard, is causing what chiropractors explain as “forward head posture,” (think of a turtle’s neck sticking out from its shell) then it’s time to make some changes. “With the increased use of screens whether they are televisions, personal computers or cellphones, our posture is affected, and we are becoming less mobile,” Burns explains. “By adjusting the spine, we can offset this and become more aware of positive lifestyle changes.” For some, forward head posture may also be the cause of tension headaches.


There’s a reason why professional athletes visit a chiropractor daily. Chiropractors can help prevent injuries and improve the body’s balance and coordination. So for those training for a half marathon, or someone just getting into fitness, a chiropractor can help relieve the body’s stress by manipulating a bone to remove neurological interference to areas such as the spine, shoulder, knee or ankle. 


“With chiropractic, we can help prevent illness by helping with posture, performance and mobility. Everything is improved if we stay mobile for a lifetime,” Burns says. And while Burns is licensed in adjustments, physical therapy, laser therapy, nutrition, exercise rehabilitative therapies and more, he says he will not assist a patient if life-threatening problems such as symptoms of heart attack or stroke are present, which calls for a visit to a primary care physician or hospital. 

Need Help Finding A Chiropractor?

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Power Chiropractic; 324 Datura St., Ste. 145, West Palm Beach; 561.659.6636;

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