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The Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour


Captain Morgan Ginger Crush:

2 ounces Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

1 lime, 6-7 mint leaves muddled

Simple syrup to taste

Ginger Ale poured over crushed ice

Garnish with mint and lime twist

WHO: Executive Director of SunFest Paul Jamieson

WHAT: Captain Morgan Ginger Crush, paired with Carpaccio di Manzo with arugula, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle oil, Vitello Milanese with baby arugula tomatoes, red onion and shaved Parmesan, fennel and Valentina Pizza with Nutella and fresh fruit.

WHERE: Lynora’s Osteria / 207 Clematis St., West Palm Beach / 561.899.3117 /

1) The albums I was obsessed with as a kid were: always live records. My older brother, Jim, introduced me to the Stones’ “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!” when I was around 8 years old. I remember playing these albums over and over. The J. Geils Band “Live Full House” was the same for me. There is just something special about the energy of a live album.

2) As a teenager, the first concert I absolutely had to see live was: “Bob Dylan and The Band” – yet another album that I wore out. My older brother, Dick, got me into them. I remember going with him to see them at the Old Chicago stadium.

3) Something most people don’t realize about staging SunFest each year is that: it wouldn’t even be possible without the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers that take time off from their own jobs to make SunFest happen. And these are people that often times don’t even get to see a concert. We owe so much to the volunteers. It really is a family.

4) I knew that SunFest had become something really special when: I looked up and saw Eric Clapton come out on stage to play with Sheryl Crow. That was a moment I knew people would never forget. Also, that hot Sunday afternoon in 2012 with Pitbull. Every type and variation of people were represented at that show, and they were dancing side by side and singing along. That was amazing unity. What else in this town can do that – bring so many different types of people together?

5) For me personally, the best part about SunFest is: seeing all of the people out there having an unbelievable time, just seeing how much fun they’re having. We always tell our people, “Take a moment, go sit on the seawall, and just watch a band play.”

6) My advice to people who have never actually been to SunFest would be: to just try it. Come and have an open mind about music and I guarantee that you’ll find something you love. It’s palm trees, and the Intracoastal and boats. Everyone is there to have a good time. To me, it represents the very best of what South Florida is. It truly has become an annual homecoming for people.

7) Fest 300 recognizing SunFest among the top 300 festivals held worldwide means: a ton to all of us. I’ve been with this festival since we were just a little community event. For us to grow into something this big and highly regarded is amazing, and again, a credit to our volunteers. It’s humbling. People now come from all over the world just to be with us here in West Palm Beach for five amazing days.

Employed by SunFest since 1990, Paul Jamieson became executive director of the festival in 1996. He recently served as chairman of the Board of Directors for the International Festivals and Events Association, as well as on the advisory board of the International Music Festival Conference. A single father of three, Jamieson has devoted notable time and effort to assisting Habitat For Humanity in South Florida. An avid golfer, scuba diver and fan of Bob Seger, Jamieson currently resides in West Palm Beach