Deep Clean: Face Washing Tips And Products To Use


Go beyond basic face washing with cleansing tips from a pro.

What’s the best option?

Face wash? Cleanser? With so many options available, it oftentimes begs the question, “What’s the difference?” According to Clarisonic Co-Founder and President Dr. Robb Akridge, a face wash is typically a higher foaming type of facial cleanser. “Within the facial cleanser category you can have products divided up by skin type (dry, oily or normal skin) or according to consistency or foaming (oily, milky, non-foaming, or high-foaming),” he says. What’s best is to select a product based on your skin type.

How often should we be cleansing?

It depends on a person’s lifestyle, but everyone should be washing at least once a day. “If you are into sports and perspire a lot, or if you wear heavy makeup, or you want sonically clean skin before you apply your anti-aging products, you will want to cleanse more often,” Akridge recommends.

Who’s the best candidate for Clarisonic’s new Gentle Radiance Foaming Milk cleanser?

Those with dull, uneven skin tones and dehydrated skin, this one’s for you. The Gentle Radiance Foaming Milk is best for those who are seeking illuminated skin, Akridge says. The formula contains licorice root extract, peppermint leaf extract and ginkgo leaf extract, which work together to brighten dark spots for a more even skin tone.

Best skin care tip?

With the arrival of cooler weather, Akridge recommends using an emollient moisturizer to combat dry skin. And let’s not forget that SPF is important to use year-round. “You should always wear it­—not just in the summer,” he says. “Although it feels great, especially on a sunny [but cold] day, the sun is your enemy.”


For Uneven Skin:

CLARISONIC Gentle Radiance Foaming Milk Cleanser;

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For Sensitive Skin:

TATA HARPER Refreshing Cleanser;

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For Mature Skin

CLINIQUE Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C;

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For Acne-Prone Skin:

LANCÔME Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleanser;

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For Dry Skin:

CLARINS One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract;

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