Dos and Don’ts On Skincare From La Mer’s Joanna Czech


La Mer’s global skin care adviser, Joanna Czech, shares her expert insights on how to take care of your skin, especially in sunny climates like ours.

1. Avoid over-applying sunscreen.

Czech says that anything higher than SPF 30 is excessive. She also advises against using a moisturizer that contains SPF when transitioning from day to night, since these products use chemicals that are unnecessary when the sun is down.

2. Apply skin care products beyond your face.

Usually the hairline and chest are most sensitive to the sun, so Czech says it’s important to use SPF products on skin that’s exposed from the neckline of a shirt up to the forehead.

3. Be careful not to over-exfoliate.

Even professionals make this mistake by using microdermabrasion tools and acidic peels during the wrong time of the year. For the best results, Czech says temperatures should be mild (such as in spring and fall) in order for the skin to heal properly.

4. Evaluate your skin care needs on a seasonal basis.

Czech suggests seeing a professional at least once each season. While she says the same skin care routine can carry over from fall to spring due to comparable climates, summer and winter each require a re-evaluation.

5. Give focus to your evening skin care routine.

In the morning, Czech says it’s OK to skip a step with your skin care regimen, especially if you’re in a hurry. But at night, because you’re relaxed, your skin is much more receptive to absorbing products.

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