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Power Couple

Jett and Eve Beres each have their own individual successes – Jett as a band member in Sister Hazel, and Eve as the owner of a thriving interior design group – but together they make an unstoppable duo.

Outside the Beres Design Group office in Jupiter, Eve and Jett Beres strike a pose. They both don radiant smiles on a chilly day, as they finish up a photo shoot. The married duo is playful, loving and comfortable, and although Jett looks handsome basking in his wife’s warmth, it is Eve’s blonde hair and incandescent eyes that steal the spotlight.

It’s ironic, really. As the 44-year-old bass player for the alternative rock band Sister Hazel, Jett, has spent decades in the limelight, but today Eve, 43, rocks the show.

The shoot concludes, and the two walk toward a quiet room in the back of Eve’s interior design office where they share their tale of love, life and family.

Their story began when they were both 19 years old.

Growing up only a few towns away from each other, Jett and Eve’s paths never crossed. While Jett was preoccupied playing in garage bands in his hometown of West Palm Beach, Eve, a Delray Beach native, was taking art classes. They knew the same people, but they didn’t meet until their sophomore years at the University of Florida. They both happened to attend a charitable event where Eve’s sorority sisters were teaching Jett’s fraternity brothers dance moves.

“I remember my best friend at the time saying, ‘There are some really hot girls downstairs you need to check out, but you have to dance,’” Jett says. Despite giving his friend an emphatic, “No,” Jett decided to make an appearance on the lower level, anyway, and spotted Eve. “I decided I was going to dance my way into her heart,” he says.

And he did. For a year, the two were madly in love. But as the relationship grew more serious, the pair agreed they needed a break.

“Jett always knew we would get back together,” Eve says. “I never thought we would,” she adds, laughing.

They went their separate ways. Eve eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design with a minor in architecture, and Jett with a degree in English.

At this point, Jett was already a part of the band Sister Hazel, which he joined in 1993. Jett began pursuing his master’s degree in architecture, and that’s when Eve came back into his life. It had been three years since their split, but they rekindled their love like no time had passed, and have been together ever since.

Their relationship has endured plenty: long distances, when Eve was living in Atlanta pursuing her master’s degree while Jett was still in Gainesville; risky decisions, when in 1996 Jett left his master’s program to commit to Sister Hazel wholeheartedly; fame, when in 1997 Sister Hazel wrote the hit song “All For You;” and the group’s touring schedule, when in 1998, the band was gone nearly 250 days out of the year.

“There was a time I asked myself, ‘How do I do this?’” Eve says. “But I never had any question that we weren’t 100 percent solid because we have such an amazing foundation.”

It’s been more than 20 years since Eve taught Jett those dance moves, and a lot has changed.

They married in 2000 and have two children – a 12-year-old daughter, Jordan, and a 9-year-old son, Kai. Eve’s interior design business is booming, Sister Hazel is releasing another album and a realtor is in the process of selling their home to build a modern, sustainable property that’s signature to Eve and Jett’s designs. And, despite all their ebbs and flows, one thing has always remained constant: the love they share for each other.