by Melissa Puppo Oct 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Season has arrived, which means galas, fundraisers and events are in full swing. We know choreographing a schedule will be hard enough, so we’ve done the work in assembling seven looks that will take you through cocktail mixers, to luncheons, to Sunday polo.

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by Amy Woods Oct 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Spa & Wellness Month has arrived. For the second year during the month of October, Discover The Palm Beaches, in conjunction with local salons, spas and health and wellness centers, will present promotions of the most pampered persuasions. 

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative, trending treatments offered in the Palm Beaches.

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by Bernard McCormick Oct 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Add the word "big" and you have the description of the modern sport fishing boat in the age of technology.

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by Alyssa Morlacci Jul 2017 Also on Digital Edition

You know those family passports you filed away and locked up in the home office? Grab them, because this summer is about filling their pages with stamps. We’ve compiled 10 travel itineraries, not just for this year, but also for the years to come. We’re wary of calling this a “bucket list,” because while the phrase emphasizes that each trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it also makes the goal crossing each item off. We hope you won’t simply draw lines through each number like a to-do list. We hope you try new foods, appreciate foreign architecture and discover other cultures. And most importantly, we hope you are moved. Not just by planes, buses and trains, but by the places you discover and the people you meet along the way.

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by Darla Parris Smallwood Jul 2017 Also on Digital Edition

These nine power couples are collaborating to improve the Palm Beaches.

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