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18 Stylish Men In Palm Beach Who Know The Power Of Looking Their Best

In a place as timeless, fashion-forward and statement-making as Palm Beach, it’s difficult to choose just 18 stylish men. But in patterned “Lilly” pants, colorful bow ties and designer shoes, these guys stand out from the pack. Style might mean something different to all of them—timeless elegance, fun, self-expression—but they all know the power of looking their best. Shot on location at Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Special thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach and the Worth Avenue Association

Clayton Idle

Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Honda Classic

These days, Clayton Idle spends most of his free time wearing anything he doesn’t mind his 6-month-old daughter possibly “spitting up on.” But, when he isn’t in the firing zone, the 31-year-old director of corporate partnerships for The Honda Classic, Palm Beach County’s premier PGA TOUR event, is likely in the office sporting a Puma, Adidas or Jack Nicklaus golf polo with Banana Republic pants and his Allen Edmonds brown or black loafers. During meetings outside the office or networking events, he usually wears a Vineyard Vines or Banana Republic button-down shirt with Banana Republic slacks and Johnston & Murphy wingtip shoes. To Idle, his fabric golf belts are also a must.

What do you hope your wardrobe communicates about your personality? I hope my wardrobe communicates that I take pride in what I wear, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I like having fun and hopefully it shows in my attire.

piece of clothing or an accessory you could never part with? My watches. I have a selection I choose from depending on my mood.

three must-haves for traveling? A variety of belts, watches and shoes. If I need to recycle a pair of pants or even a shirt, I can pull off a totally different look.

best boutiques to shop at? My go-to’s on Worth Avenue are Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers and Peter Millar.

– Alyssa Morlacci


Jason Arbuckle

Founder and Creative Director, J. Falkner Fine Cards

Jason Arbuckle knows success. He started his stationery company four years ago in West Palm Beach. Now, his line is stocked in more than 600 stores across North America. “Running my own company means I wear a lot of hats, but my favorite is the creative one where I sit and design new cards—stores are always eager for the latest collection,” Arbuckle says. The 47-year-old Palm Beach resident often bikes to work, so his clothes lean toward “cool and fresh,” but that doesn’t mean he compromises on style. “I like to look sharp in the office—it actually helps me think,” he says.

What does style mean to you? There are too many prescriptive ideas of what style is. I think if you take genuine pleasure in what you’re wearing, whatever that might be, you’re stylish.

your personal style in three words? Simple. Tailored. Classic.

three-must haves for traveling? A crisp white shirt (which makes me look rested even when I’m not), expensive sunglasses and great shoes. Accessories are what people really notice.

What are your favorite boutiques? Stubbs & Wootton—I can’t seem to stop buying their shoes. CJ Laing—they have a great little men’s line full of pattern and colors, but it’s also my go-to shop for women’s gifts. Everyone gets a gift certificate from CJ Laing for Christmas.

Babalu—[It’s] exactly the kind of cool shop Palm Beach has needed for a while. Its perfumes and colognes are very individual. Comme Des Garçons Noir is my current favorite.

– Heather Carney

Theory Polo; 120% Lino Blazer; IWC Watch; Tibetan Prayer Beads; Ralph Lauren Black Label pants

Arvo Katajisto

Actor, model, non-profit board member

His tan, lantern-jaw face has appeared in magazines, movies and television shows. A native of Helsinki, Finland, who grew up in the Palm Beach area, he stumbled into a modeling career while working at WPTV-TV as a film editor. After 22 years at the station, where he ascended to director of operations and programming, he moved to Los Angeles to work for HBO and then decided to pursue acting.

“I’ve been modeling since 1963 and still do, been an actor for 30 years and still do,” Arvo Katajisto says. Katajisto’s modeling stints led him to exotic Caribbean resorts and luxury cruise ships, including a modeling job for Hermès. His acting credits include the films “Forever Young” (Mel Gibson) and “The Heist” (Pierce Brosnan) and the TV series “The Wonder Years” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Now a West Palm Beach resident, he has served on the board of directors for the YMCA, and helped to build an early-learning children’s center. He’s also on the committee for the The Paradise Casino Fund, a children’s charity.

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? I think style is an individual thing. I think it’s personality. I never try to dress like someone else. I dress for myself.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN THREE WORDS? I go for it, to use four words.

WHAT DO YOU WEAR AROUND TOWN? I wear Lilly Pulitzer pants. I wear them all the time, and it just blows people’s minds. They can’t believe I have the nerve to wear them until the girls come up and say, “Where’d you get those pants?” I have a pair of Gucci shoes I’ve worn since the ’60s. They’re my favorite pair.

three-must haves for traveling? Jack Purcell tennis shoes. Long-sleeve, button-down shirts. The Canadian tuxedo (jeans and a jean shirt).

– Amy Woods

GUCCI Jacket; LILLY PULITZER Pants; POLO RALPH LAUREN Shirt; GUCCI Shoes; RAY-BAN Sunglasses; HERMÈS Pocket square

Aaron Menitoff

President and CEO, Aaron’s Catering of The Palm Beaches

Guests at any affair associated with Aaron’s Catering are in for a surprise. One of the largest offsite caterers in Palm Beach County, Aaron’s Catering prides itself on “action stations” that include hanging buffets, where hors d’oeuvres dangle in mid-air, and water buffets, where desserts flow down a river.

Owner Aaron Menitoff knows how to wow a crowd. Take, for instance, the Beerstream, a 1966 Airstream trailer that houses a walk-in cooler filled with kegs and a full liquor bar, complete with frozen drinks. “We’re big on the appearance and the looks of everything,” Menitoff, 42, says. “We want people to, even before they try the food, be pretty much amazed.” Another one of his secret weapons is the Lovestream, a 1972 Airstream trailer for brides-to-be, featuring chandeliers, damask curtains, LED lights, marble countertops, mirrors and wood floors in a “Great Gatsby”-esque setting.

Menitoff is best known for his lavish Sunday polo brunches at International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, where the divot-stomping set gathers to see and be seen. Sparkling glasses of Champagne and stunning displays of food highlight the sporting afternoon.

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? It means being able to express yourself based on your mood.


WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO SUNDAY POLO? I like it when it’s chilly out because I like to wear a sports jacket in fun colors. If not, I’ll usually switch and have colorful pants with long-sleeve oxfords. I love wearing cufflinks. I have a huge cufflinks collection.

THREE MUST-HAVES FOR TRAVELING? A lint roller, a hair dryer and fun socks.

IF YOU COULD BORROW CLOTHES FROM ANYONE’S CLOSET, WHO WOULD IT BE? [Actor] Colin Farrell. He seems to dress differently for every event. He doesn’t have a predictable look, and I think that’s the way that people should dress.

– Amy Woods

INC Jacket; EXPRESS Shirt; ARROW Tie; Vintage tie clip; BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Pocket square, $165, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; HOOK & ALBERT Lapel pin, $40, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; BANANA REPUBLIC Pants; THE TACKERIA Belt; SHINOLA Watch; OLIVER PEOPLES Sunglasses, $405, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach

Daniel Biaggi

General Director, Palm Beach Opera

As general director for the Palm Beach Opera, Daniel Biaggi has to exude class, style and creativity. After all, opera is not only a musical, but also a visual art form, says the 45-year-old West Palm Beach resident. His daily attire, which often includes a blue suit, a tie and light brown dress shoes, may skew more New York City than Palm Beach, but it always commands respect. “Just like we strive to present only the best talent, we strive to show ourselves in the best light as well. … Especially when meeting with elected officials or generous philanthropists to discuss ways for them to engage with the opera company, I like to show them respect by being well dressed,” Biaggi says. Plus, he adds, “Feeling well dressed adds another layer of confidence.”

What does style mean to you? Style is a visual expression of our mood and attitude—a reflection of our sense of self. I strive to create a sense of elegance and harmony, keeping it contemporary without following every trend.

your personal style in three words? Elegant. Sleek. Understated.

go-to look for a night out? Jeans, a V-neck T-shirt and Chuck Taylor Converse for the rare casual night out. More often, however, for a night out in Palm Beach I prefer a light suit, open collar shirt and a colorful pocket square.

three must-haves for traveling? Dark blue jeans, a black dress shirt and a good watch—I’m Swiss, after all.

– Heather Carney

HUGO BOSS Shirt; Custom-made suit; HUGO BOSS Tie; ALLEN EDMONDS Belt; NORDSTROM Shoes; K SARAH Bike

Gregory Dubose

Principal/Brand Architect, Bella Group

As the owner of his own branding agency, Bella Group in Jupiter, Gregory Dubose’s uniform of choice is a pair of jeans, Gucci loafers and a great dress shirt. But, to the 46-year-old, his true measure of style lies in his ability to accessorize—perhaps a brass watch, a pocket square, or, as Dubose considers, many tattoos.

The one accessory Dubose could never part with is his white gold wedding band. He’s a family man, so when he isn’t working with clients to promote their businesses, Dubose is likely spending time with his wife and son mountain biking, skateboarding or eating. During his down time, he trades in his jeans for boardshorts, loafers for Converse Chuck Taylors and a button-down for a white T-shirt.

What does your wardrobe say about your personality? Authenticity. How I dress today is part of my journey. It’s people I’ve met and admired; it’s places I’ve been. It, like me, is still evolving. [It] should convey [that] I am truly comfortable in my own being.

your personal style in three words? Urban. Preppy. Progressive.

go-to look for a night out? Jeans and loafers, a blazer and a white casual dress shirt. Or, for a more casual look, skip the jacket.

three must-haves for traveling? A Barbour Field jacket over a Henley tee and a Frost River Canoe Pack carryall bag.

favorite boutique to shop at in Palm Beach? Stubbs & Wootton.

– Alyssa Morlacci

Custom-made jacket, shirt and belt; GAP Jeans; GUCCI Loafers; WARBY PARKER EYEWEAR Glasses

Richard Gaff

Branch Manager, SunTrust

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays, Richard Gaff balances the professional, white-collar dress required of a banker with the fun, bright colors of the Palm Beach lifestyle. To satisfy both expectations, he pairs a well-tailored suit and freshly polished shoes with a bright necktie and socks. But, on Fridays, the office joke that’s turned routine is that Gaff pairs a bow tie with a seersucker suit.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Gaff instead likely dons swim shorts, a tank top and a Red Sox hat as he peddles his bike to the beach, or stops for a drink at Nick & Johnnie’s. He also attends various fundraising events, like the Wild Pants Party for the Arc of Palm Beach County or the American Red Cross Beach Bash. For both, fashion is important, and Gaff is known for showing up in highly original ensembles. At times, he’s even bought cuts of Lilly Pulitzer fabric and taken them to his favorite tailor in Palm Beach, Carlos Amorin, to make custom pants and jackets.

What does your wardrobe say about your personality? I strive for my clothes to communicate a unique, fun, approachable and polished individual.

a piece of clothing or an accessory you could never part with? I would have to say the most important accessory that every outfit needs is a smile. It doesn’t matter how well put together your outfit is, a smile makes or breaks it.

your personal style in three words? Original. Fun (sometimes borderline ridiculous). Tailored.

three must-haves for traveling? Sperry’s in every color, several Red Sox hats and tons of J.Crew button-down shirts. And of course, space in my bag to bring clothes back to maximize my traveling experience.

– Alyssa Morlacci

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION Jacket; SAKS FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION Black Label shirt; Lapel pin from Etsy; CARLOS AMORIN Custom pants with Lilly Pulitzer fabric; Bow tie made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric from Etsy

Jack E. Lighton

President and CEO, Loggerhead Marinelife Center

As the head of one of the most advanced sea turtle hospitals in the world, Jack Lighton never knows what a day in the office (or beach) might bring. “I have a beach bag packed at all times, just in case we need to get out onto the beach or into the water to rescue a sea turtle,” he says. Lighton and his team are charged with educating 300,000 annual guests on the importance of sea turtles in the overall health of the ocean and coastlines. So when he’s not out on a rescue mission, the Palm Beach Gardens resident knows the importance of being well dressed. “[It] helps me translate the sense of pride I have for my company, our work and our team,” Lighton says.

What do you wear to the office? Typically, I wear dark dress blue jeans, a button-down dress shirt, a tie, and, during winter months, a blazer.

How do you transition a look from work to an evening out with friends or family? The social season here in Palm Beach is a marathon and everyone is busy at work and darting between multiple philanthropic events. I keep a blazer, a few ties and pocket squares nearby at all times to ensure that a busy day at the office doesn’t leave me without fashion sense during an event.

your personal style in three words? Palm Beach preppy.

three must-haves for traveling? I depend on great sunglasses when on the go—having a crystal clear view of your surroundings is imperative. Traveling doesn’t allow you to be wrinkled, so I love to pack wrinkle-free dress shirts in a vibrant gingham, and a trim-fit blazer with performance fabric that always looks good no matter how tough the travel environment may be.

favorite boutiques to shop at? Vineyard Vines, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom at The Gardens Mall.

– Heather Carney

EXPRESS Jacket; FAÇONNABLE Shirt; RALPH LAUREN Pants; CALVIN KLEIN Tie; MICHAEL KORS Pocket square; COLE HAAN Belt and shoes, MICHAEL KORS Watch; ZEGNA Sunglasses; LOGGERHEAD Marine Life Center pin

Dennis Cunningham

CEO, AirTab, Perfect Vodka,

When it comes to inventing, Dennis Cunningham not only knows how to originate an idea, but he also knows how to execute it. The entrepreneur embraces the same talent with his wardrobe. Cunningham, 50, founder/CEO of the AirTab app and, and chairman/CEO of Perfect Vodka, typically sports an untucked Bugatchi dress shirt, Hudson jeans and black Louis Vuitton shoes. But, if it’s a night out to dinner in Palm Beach with his wife, Felicia, and two daughters, Amy and Amanda, Cunningham may suit up in a Hugo Boss V-neck T-shirt, 7 For All Mankind jeans and his favorite possession—his crocodile Ferragamos.

What does style mean to you? Mirroring how I feel while successfully fitting into the current environment.

your personal style in three words? Classic. Simple. Clean.

three must-haves for traveling? A transitional jacket with a selection of pocket squares, a selection of jeans and a variety of shoes to match.

favorite boutiques to shop at? Ferragamo, of course, Provident Jewelry and Saks Fifth Avenue’s men’s department.

– Alyssa Morlacci


Jonathan Duerr

Real Estate Professional, Fite Shavell & Associates on Palm Beach Island

To Jonathan Duerr, style can’t be achieved without a fresh haircut and beard trim. The 33-year-old realtor has frequented his favorite salon, David K Space in West Palm Beach, for years. But, while facial cleanliness is a constant, Duerr’s attire can change drastically throughout a single day—from a suit and tie to Nike gear as he wraps up at work and heads to the gym. Duerr may also wear anything from a tuxedo to a button-down and jeans when he emcees for local charity events, fashion shows and weddings, or when he attends events as vice-chair of the board of trustees for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What does your wardrobe say about your personality? Honestly, I think my personality outshines my wardrobe. I would like to think my style comes from the inside more than what I’m wearing on the outside. I’m big on blacks and whites, and more of the simple, clean look. If you know me, then you know there’s plenty of personality without the flare.

A piece of clothing or accessory You could never part with? I’m a big fan of my Converse [sneakers], or “Chucks.” They are comfortable, can be worn just about anywhere and anytime, just about, and for some reason I always get compliments on them. And my Breitling watch that was given to me for my birthday by a dear friend several years ago. It barely leaves my sight.

your personal style in three words? Chic. Elegant. Understated.

go-to look for a night out? If it’s a night out for dinner and partying, I like a nice black monochromatic outfit. Sleek and subtle. If I’m hosting an event, one of my handmade Italian suits with an open button-down.

– Alyssa Morlacci


Monty “Mo” Foster

Morning Show Host, The Mo & Sally Morning Show

On KOOL 105.5’s morning show —a show that he co-hosts with his wife, Sally—Monty Foster’s job often has him behind closed doors in a studio. So, on most mornings you’ll catch him in a laid-back combo of shorts and a polo shirt. “I prefer to be comfortable while on the air,” he says. But outside of the radio world, the 50-year-old Palm Beach Gardens resident knows how to put on the style charm. He’s often spotted at events in bright and colorful pants sporting a stylish pair of shoes. “A man needs to wear nice shoes!” he says.

What does style mean to you? It means having fun and expressing yourself. Style works best when you’re comfortable in the clothes you wear.

your personal style in three words? Colorful. Coastal. … And [as] my producer, ‘Nutter,’ says, “Snazzy.”

go-to look for a night out? A pair of bright-colored pants and a button-up polo shirt.

three must-haves for traveling? White pants, a nice watch and shirt that doesn’t show sweat!

favorite boutiques to shop at? Vineyard Vines and J. McLaughlin.

– Heather Carney

ALAN FLUSSER Jacket; ALAN FLUSSER Shirt; TOMMY HILFIGER Pocket square; INC Pants; SAKS FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION Belt; ROCKPORT Saddle oxfords; BREITLING Watch; OLIVER PEOPLES Sunglasses, $395, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach

Nick Mastroianni III

Executive Vice President, Allied Capital & Development of South Florida

Imagine overseeing daily operations of a multimillion-dollar real estate development, a 179-room hotel and two daughters under age 2. That captures Nick Mastroianni III’s world. As if that isn’t enough, the hard-working husband travels overseas every month to meet with foreign investors in China, Korea, Mexico, South America and the United Kingdom. “Too busy,” Mastroianni, 29, utters.

This year, he chaired the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Palm Beach Area chapter’s Man & Woman of the Year campaign, after being named Man of the Year in 2014. He also has accepted a seat on the organization’s board of directors. Other charitable endeavors include Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County and Place of Hope. He is a trustee of the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County.

Mastroianni earned bachelor’s degrees in business management, finance management and marketing—a triple major—from Northwood University in West Palm Beach and is one of the masterminds behind Harbourside Place in Jupiter. “I love envisioning something, making it come to fruition, building it and seeing people enjoy,” he says. “It’s really a good feeling.”

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? It’s the way you feel about yourself or care about yourself or carry yourself. If I see someone who is well-put-together, usually their personality and business acumen follow the same.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN THREE WORDS? My wife says I’m like a woman. My closet’s bigger than hers. I’d say, “Relaxed business professional.”

GO-TO LOOK FOR A NIGHT OUT? A pair of nice jeans and a Robert Graham [shirt].


BEST BOUTIQUES TO SHOP AT? John Craig, Tommy Bahama, Blueline Surf & Paddle. There are not a lot. That’s why we built Harbourside.

– Amy Woods

CANALI Suit; ZEGNA Shirt; Belt and shoes custom from France; ULYSSE NARDIN Watch

Jay Cashmere

Anchor, WPTV-TV

This dapper TV personality mainlined into Palm Beach County from New Orleans by way of Savannah, Georgia, and quickly made a name for himself as a broadcaster. Now, he anchors three evening news shows—at 5:30, 10 and 11—and he’s become a household name. This year marks Jay Cashmere’s 14th at WPTV-TV, the local NBC affiliate. “I fell in love with this place,” says Cashmere, 39, who likes to dive, run, swim and surf during his downtime. “The quality of life here is just tremendous.” He lives in Palm Beach Gardens with his wife, Kelly, son, Cruz, and daughter, Ella, plus his dog, Jake, adopted from the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? Style means a bold look. It means wearing something no one else is wearing. I just put white shirts away and started putting some colors and patterns into my wardrobe.


WHAT LOOK DO YOU GO FOR ON TV? You’ve got to find those colors that pop on TV and those that stand out. I like mix-matching ties and shirts. If I can dress differently, that look will stand out, and if it stands out, it will draw attention, and if you can do that, you can make an impression on your audience.

THREE MUST-HAVES FOR TRAVELING? I usually take a pair of flip-flops, even if I’m going somewhere cold ... [and] a nice, colorful, button-down dress shirt. I’ll probably always take a graphic T-shirt, too.

BEST THING ABOUT GETTING DRESSED IN SOUTH FLORIDA? You can wear pretty much anything you want and you can get away with it. Most anchors on TV wear dark suits. Not me. I’m still trying to work on the seersucker.

– Amy Woods


Nick Linca

Managing partner, Provident Jewelry

Nick Linca has, at no surprise, a timely sense for fashion. The 36-year-old managing partner of Provident Jewelry not only dons a wristwatch at all times, but he also obsesses over horology and bringing his customers the best jewelry pieces possible.

While styles and trends change with the times, Linca’s favorite accessory stays the same—a MB&F dual time zone LM1 timepiece. The rose gold 19th century pocket watch-inspired accessory pairs on workdays with a jacket, slacks and funky socks. It’s also worn on the weekends with casual, colorful attire when Linca, his wife, Hailey, and their two sons, Jaxson and Braydon, go out on their boat or lounge by their pool.

What does your wardrobe say about your personality? I have a fast-paced mindset and I like to always be thinking of new business concepts and ideas. With my wardrobe, I like to confuse people, say with a loud jacket I’ll pair with an otherwise traditional look.

your personal style in three words? Striking. Erratic. Balanced.

What does style mean to you? Individualism. To me it’s a motif that distinguishes one person from another.

three must-haves for traveling? Good socks, my MB&F dual time zone LM1 watch and my Bose headsets.

favorite boutiques to shop at? Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

– Alyssa Morlacci


Nick Gold

Director of public relations, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Apublic relations background in Atlanta politics honed his skills. A community-relations position with a utility company followed. Then, Nick Gold opened a communications firm. Finally, the perfect job appeared in Palm Beach, and A-Town was history. “It was a match made in heaven,” Gold, 52, says of the PR gig at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. “It was always a dream of mine to work in a luxury, five-star-resort setting.”

As director of public relations, Gold does everything from setting up press junkets to organizing celebrity events, as well as planning strategies for branding and marketing. His goal: to shed the somewhat-stuffy reputation of the island and replace it with a casually elegant vibe.“We want guests to feel comfortable, however they are—wearing designer gowns or shorts and T-shirts,” Gold says. “We call it ‘new fashion Palm Beach luxury.’”He is most proud of the resort’s spa, which, in January, received Forbes Travel Guide’s coveted five-star rating. Outside work, he enjoys patronizing art galleries, hosting dinner parties, taking cruises and trying new restaurants.

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? I think style comes from within, and you can be influenced to create your own from things you learn.


FAVORITE ON-THE-JOB OUTFIT? A blazer, pants and a fun pocket square to add a dash of style and flair to your wardrobe—like [how] ladies can change their handbags every day, men can wear a different pocket square every day.

THREE MUST-HAVES FOR TRAVELING? A crisp, white shirt, a great pair of shoes and good accessories.

BEST BOUTIQUES TO SHOP AT? Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Babalu.

– Amy Woods

ISLAND COMPANY Shirt and pants; DAVID YURMAN Necklace; HERMÈS Bracelet; CARTIER Watch; OLIVER PEOPLES Sunglasses, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach

Scott Velozo

Public Relations and Events Manager, The Palm Beach Post

Scott Velozo says that he has the best position at The Post. “I don’t have a daily column to write and I do not have to make sales calls. My office includes the local community,” he says. The West Palm Beach resident is constantly out in the community making connections with local chambers, non-profit organizations and leaders for events such as The Honda Classic and SunFest to create sponsorships and plan events for the paper. He knows that looking professional and stylish can often make or break a business relationship. “People do notice when you are dressed properly,” Velozo says. “I was always told to ‘dress for the position you want, not the one you have.’ I am lucky. I actually have the position I want.”

What do you wear to the office? The Post is moderately casual. I always wear a dress shirt and dress slacks with classic shoes. On Fridays, I may wear good jeans, but always with a dress shirt and great shoes. Could be white bucks, loafers—never sneakers.

How do you transition a look from work to an evening out with friends or family?

Fortunately, I live very close to the office, so I always change and dress for the occasion. It’s best to be overdressed than underdressed. I frequently say, “We live in paradise. We have so many fun, casual, colorful and/or formal wardrobe and clothing choices.”

your personal style in three words? Pressed. Colorful. Quirky.

go-to look for a night out? White jeans and a blazer, and a Hermès pocket square.

favorite boutiques to shop at? Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Gucci for shoes.

– Heather Carney

BANANA REPUBLIC Shirt; Jacket purchased in St. Barts; RALPH LAUREN Pants; J.CREW Belt; GUCCI Shoes; SEE Sunglasses; CARTIER Watch

Josh Cohen

ESPN talk-show host

Aradio guy whose show airs daily on ESPN, Josh Cohen gets to rap not only about sports, but also current events—however scandalous or silly. “Josh Cohen & The Home Team” (noon to 2 p.m. weekdays) transcends the male-listener format and appeals to the female listener who wants to get the scoop on Tiger Woods’ love life. “Mostly, though, the show is about a group of guys that are breaking each other’s stones,” Cohen, 39, admits. When he’s not in the studio, he’s working the charity scene as emcee of some of the season’s biggest bashes. He also writes the “Cocktail Hour with Josh Cohen” feature in Jupiter Magazine and The Palm Beacher. Cohen’s known for the trademark look of damaged denim, open-collar shirts, sports jackets and a shamefully large collection of pocket squares.

WHAT DOES STYLE MEAN TO YOU? Style to me is feeling free to express yourself. It’s not something you can buy. It’s something that is reflected by being true to what you want the world to see.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN THREE WORDS? Colorful. Bold. Comfortable.

WHAT DO YOU WEAR IN THE STUDIO? I wind up rocking a lot of big-pony (Ralph Lauren) polos and slim-fit jeans with brightly colored Nike [tennis shoes].

THREE MUST-HAVES FOR TRAVELING? No. 1­—an electric stubble groomer. I don’t want to be clean-shaven, and I don’t want to be unruly. No. 2—a light, navy-blue blazer. It goes with everything. No. 3—a few pocket squares. I don’t feel completely dressed without a pocket square.

GO-TO PLACE FOR POCKET SQUARES? People are always shocked to find that while I will grab pocket squares from The Gardens Mall, I can often be found at the fabric store pulling reams to actually create my own. 
If you fold it right, you don’t have to sew it.

– Amy Woods

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Shirt, $620; BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Vest, $970; BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Pocket square, $185; 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Jeans, $208; ANILINE KIPSKIN SHOULDERS Belt, $98; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Slides, $540; all available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach

Richard Rosenthal

CEO, Max Restaurant Group

As one of Palm Beach Gardens’ newest residents, Richard Rosenthal has already made a name for himself with one of the area’s stand-out restaurants, The Cooper. The West Hartford, Connecticut native oversees the day-to-day operations of 10 successful restaurants—most of them in the New England area—so he knows that style and presentation are key to good business. “It’s important to look presentable, whether for a management meeting or lunch with my staff,” the 58-year-old says. He also knows the power of a good pair of loafers. His signature shoe brand? Gucci.

How do you transition a look from work to an evening out with friends or family? When I’m at The Cooper, I live in chinos and sport shirts during the day. A navy sport jacket, or a lightweight cashmere sweater are go-to staples for a night on the town or having dinner with close friends.

What does style mean to you? Timeless elegance. Italians call it sprezzatura, which is the highly practiced art of effortless nonchalance.

your personal style in three words? Quality. Traditional. Preppy. I like to look good, but I’m not looking to be the center of attention.

go-to look for a night out? Tailored jeans, a striped polo and a fitted, Peter Millar blazer. Glashütte watch.

three must-haves for traveling? Linen blazer, Belgian loafers and Persol sunglasses.

– Heather Carney


1: GUCCI Jacket; LILLY PULITZER Pants; POLO RALPH LAUREN Shirt; GUCCI Shoes; RAY-BAN Sunglasses; HERMÈS Pocket square

2: BROOKS BROTHERS Jacket and shirt; SAKS FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION Pocket square, $68, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; HUGO BOSS Pants; LOUIS VUITTON Belt; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Shoes; CARTIER Watch; HERMÈS Bracelet; CARTIER Ring; TOM FORD Sunglasses, $380, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach

3: BANANA REPUBLIC Jacket; TOMMY HILFIGER Shirt; HOOK & ALBERT Lapel pin, $30, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; VINEYARD VINES Pants; SAKS FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION Belt, $128, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Loafers; RAY-BAN Sunglasses, $175, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach; TAG HEUER Watch

4: SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Black Label jacket; NORDSTROM BRAND Shirt; LILLY PULITZER Print bow tie from Etsy; pin custom from Etsy; CARLOS AMORIN Custom pants with Lilly Pulitzer fabric; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Loafers; RAY-BAN Sunglasses, $170, available at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach