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8 Designers Open Up About Their Visions For The 2016 American Red Cross Designer Show House

Eight of the 14 designers tapped to makeover a room in the 2016 American Red Cross Designer Show House share the inspiration, color scheme and materials they used to create the ultimate dream home.

Each year, the American Red Cross selects a home for a complete makeover. This year's home, located in the Old Northwood neighborhood, is the historic former Fire Station No. 3 for the City of West Palm Beach. Built in 1938, it was renovated into a four-bedroom art moderne-style home that sits on a lush half-acre. More than 14 renowned interior and exterior design firms were selected to make their mark on the 4,500-square-foot home. Here, we step inside eight of those rooms.

Jennifer Garrigues and Diana El Daher

Show house Room: Foyer

Vision: The designers tasked themselves with creating a beautiful “first” impression, as well as a lasting “last” impression for the entry foyer. By enveloping the space with a soft texture using a warm-gold woven grasscloth, they created a backdrop for the furnishings, exotic draperies and brightly colored art. The goal was to echo the streamlined Art Deco influences throughout the house. They captured a feeling of glamour and elegance, the highlight of the Art Deco era, by including the highly geometric console and mirror. On the opposite wall, they placed gold-toned bookcases that showcase treasures from around the world. The texture of an antique rug plays off the soft color of a metallic-glazed ceiling coffer that features a hand-blown glass light fixture of shimmering gold. “We hope the visitor leaves with a lingering image of the timeless elegance of a bygone era,” Garrigues says.


1. Artwork, “Heath” by Jennifer Christy; Available at Field Gallery,

2. Jaren Chandelier by Ironies; Available at Jerry Pair,

3. John Himmel Wall Console; Available at John Rosselli & Associates,

4. John Himmel Reeded Glass Mirror; Available at John Rosselli & Associates,

5. Zebra Rug made of cowhide with zebra stencil; Available at Jennifer Garrigues Inc.,

Angela Reynolds

Show house Room: Master Bedroom

Vision: For the master bedroom, Reynolds was inspired to create a 1970s Malibu Beach House as re-imagined for a contemporary Florida setting. She executed her vision by pairing a sheepskin pouf, natural woods and warm brass details with textures of fresh whites and soft tans. She included an Auskin bean bag to add a little bit of fun to the room.


1. Dallas Chandelier by Arteriors; $4,410; Available at J. Douglas Living;

2. Dash & Albert Area Rug; $1,961; Available at Codarus;

3. Deva Fabric by Jim Thompson Fabrics for custom Euro pillows; Available at Jerry Pair & Associates;

4. Monarch Mirror by Bungalow 5; Available at J. Douglas Living;

5. Auskin Sheepskin Bean Bag; Available at

6. Custom Made King Bed inspired by the Gerston Slipcover Bed; $2,895; Available at J & L Sales Agency Representing Bernhardt Furniture;

7. Jada Bachelor's Chest by Bernhardt Furniture; $1,836; J & L Sales Agency Representing Bernhardt Furniture;

8. Photograph “Hunter Gatherer Series” by Skeisvoll Photography; Available at Skeisvoll Photography;

Jack Fhillips

Show House Room: Living Room

Vision: After seeing the historic home, designer Jack Fhillips was inspired by the way the homeowners transformed it into a modern masterpiece. The geometric lines and symmetry created a perfect platform for any type of furnishings, he says. Keeping this in mind, Fhillips selected pieces of furniture that would complement the space from his collection at E.J. Victor. The furnishings reflect his style using a few traditional pieces to add a bit of finesse and charisma to the space. He repeated the geometric architectural ceiling treatment in the new fireplace mantel. The color palette for the room, which was influenced by the latest trends in the fashion industry, consisted of a mélange of beautiful blush and neutral fabrics. Fhillips wanted the room to be formal yet casual enough to be usable and not shocking to the eye. “It was a bit of a challenge but done the right way to create a soft, dreamy space,” he says. The textures of the soft gray fabrics add for a sensuous yet elegant environment. A bit of a shocking color in the artwork adds a punch to the room. Fhillips created the photography using artifacts out of his homes. Art panels by Ryan Meehan cover the consoles. The woven sisal area rug with the slightly metallic banding mixed a casual texture with a bit of glamour.


1. Keno Console; $675; Available at Theadore Alexander;

2. Stainless Steel Fire Screen with antique silver glass; $4,410; Available at Theadore Alexander;

3. Silvered Sisal Area Rug in a diamond pattern; Available at Stark Carpet;

4. Honeycomb Lamps; $179; Available at Speer Collectibles;

5. Paint Color Edgecomb Grey HC-173; Available at Benjamin Moore;

6. Dyan Bench; $3,600; Available at E.J. Victor;

7. James Sofa; $6,615; Available at E.J. Victor;

Joseph Cortes

Show house Room: Bar & Lounge

Vision: Joseph Cortes of HomeLife Interiors brought his company's soft modern brand to the relaxing bar and lounge area in the home. Cortes wanted to evoke a look of comfortable, confident glamour. He envisioned the homeowners enjoying the room in the morning with coffee, or in the evening with friends and cocktails. He brought the space to life with a backdrop of hand-printed wallcoverings by Phillip Jeffries. “The amorphous, flowing metallic brings a luminescent focal point to the room,” Cortes says, adding that the wallcovering reminded him of “liquid gold.” New Design Furniture created the custom furniture, inviting guests to sit back and find relaxation, Cortes says. The lighting pieces brought the room to life with sparkle. Hand-blown glass pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting look like they are illuminated from within. Smooth crystal and brass on the chandelier become a work of simple sophistication. A hand-woven, wool carpet grounds the entire composition and provides lush underfoot comfort. Finally, the art selection lends a personalized “point of view” to a space that reflects an owner's sense of humor and style.


1. Chandelier available at Hudson Valley Lighting;

2. End Table; $695; Available at Restoration Hardware, West Palm Beach;

3. Gilded Age Wallcovering; Available at Phillip Jeffries;

4. Area Rug; Available at Orley Shabahang on Worth Avenue;

5. Club Chair; $2,900; custom from HomeLife Interiors;

6. Bar Pendant; Available at Hudson Valley Lighting;

7. Atlanta Barware; Available at Mary Mahoney on Worth Avenue;

Kerry Allabastro

Show House Room: Guest Bedroom 2

Vision: When Kerry Allabastro designed the bedroom, she envisioned the space to be glamorous, interesting and sexy. She was inspired by the home's architecture, local heritage and historical context. She incorporated original artwork, lighting and classic furniture to give the room a bit of edge.


1. Dust Skirt Fabric; $228/yard; Available at Cowtan & Tout;

2. Norma Pattern Side Panel Fabric; $144/yard; Available at Cowtan & Tout;

3. Wright Table Lamp; $340; Available at Visual Comfort & Co.;

4. Benton Chest; $2,078; Available at Palecek;

5. Jasmine Collection Bedding; Available at Pioneer Linens, West Palm Beach;

6. Amber Rug; $4,925; Available at Stark Carpet;

Melissa Z. Guerra and Noe X. Guerra of NXG

Show House Room: Outdoor Terrace

Vision: When creating the outdoor terrace, the designers imagined the islands. They were inspired by the white of the sand and the boats juxtaposed with the more rugged rocks and striking blue color of the water. The designers mixed clean, contemporary furniture and art with more natural pieces to create the look and feel of a Caribbean boutique hotel.


1. Sun Lounger; $475; Available at Eclectic Design International, North Palm Beach;

2. Martyn Stool; $135; Available at Eclectic Design International, North Palm Beach;

3. Napsack Sky; Available at Link Outdoor;

4. Sofa Sectional; Available at NXG Studio;

5. Stitch Spring; Available at Link Outdoor;

6. Beefsteak Coffee Table; $995; Available at Eclectic Design International, North Palm Beach;

Piper Gonzalez

Show house Room: Dining Room

Vision: This dining room demanded elegance on a dramatic scale, Gonzalez says. She created instant drama with the dark gray silk walls and a custom chandelier that features an orchid-colored piece of vintage Murano glass. Gonzalez added elegance to the room with the metallic place settings surrounded by Lucite chairs with lush, velvet seats. “The result is a modern space fit to entertain guests or sip an after-dinner drink by the fire,” she says.


1. Aston Rug; $3,345; Available at Jaipur Rugs;

2. Custom Upholstered Wingback Chairs covered in Mari Link Silver Fabric; $200/yard; chairs reupholstered with Beacon Hill fabric;

3. Lousie Gaskill Custom Chandelier; $6,200; Available at Louise Gaskill;

4. Hartman Bench; $415; Available at Uttermost;

5. Luxembourg Mirror; $1,380; Available at Arteriors;

6. Mari Link Fabric in silver; $200/yard; Available at Beacon Hill;

7. Prism Satin fabric in orchid; $190/yard; Available at Beacon Hill;

8. Ireland S Bar Cart; $1,020 Available at Worlds Away;

Scott Robertson

Show House Room: Guest Bedroom 1

Vision: Robertson was immediately inspired to design this room when he walked into the bedroom and saw a large memo of the blue and white Scalamandre fabric used for the drapery behind the bed. The clean colors of the fabric called for more bold colors and strong pieces of furniture, Robertson says. He calmed the feel of the room with clean white walls and the dark flooring.


1. Terrace Pots and Objets d'Art; Available at Devonshire Home and Garden Antiques, West Palm Beach;

2. Custom Slipper Chairs upholstered in Scalamandre fabric and trim in Imperial Embroidered Tape; $1,684/each; Available at Scott Robertson;

3. Matouk Bedding in Mandarin; Available at Pioneer Linens, West Palm Beach;

4. American Lamp Circa 1970; $2,400 for the pair; Available at Scott Robertson;

5. Dassi et Figli Cabinet Italian Circa 1965; $12,500; Objects 20C, West Palm Beach;

6. Scalamandre Fabrics and Trims; prices vary; Available through Scott Robertson;