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9 Power Couples From the Palm Beaches Making A Difference in Our Community

These nine power couples are collaborating to improve the Palm Beaches.

Joe Giaimo, 

Pulmonologist at Joseph A. Giaimo D.O., P.A.

Shannon Cake

Anchor/Reporter for WPTV

Shannon highlights stories to inform viewers and nudge the world toward positive change. Joe treats patients and develops medical education programs and health care policy. “We believe in doing the right thing, acting responsibly, watching our environmental footprint and serving local charities,” Shannon says. Married for 13 years and the parents of two sons, Shannon and Joe say, “never enough time” is more than just the inscription inside their wedding rings. 

What drew you to your partner?

Shannon: At first, I just thought he was really good looking, but he’s also honest, genuine, deep, kind and as loyal with friends and family as he is with his Philadelphia Eagles. (You have to be loyal to be an Eagles fan!) 

What does the term “power couple” mean to you?

Joe: Couples who make each other better. If there’s power there, it’s the power to gently help each other grow. 

What would you like for your legacy to be?

Shannon: That I left nothing on the table, and that I helped raise two boys who are blessings to this world.

Joe: You have to be able to say that you left it better than you found it. That’s it for me.

Eddie Schmidt & Ozzie Medeiros,

Co-owners of Table 26

Eddie and Ozzie met when they pulled up next to one another at a New York City traffic light. After a few more stops in sync, they pulled over to exchange phone numbers. “Ozzie started to flirt and smile. I did the same. Here we are, 22 years later,” Eddie says. In 2012, the couple opened their West Palm Beach restaurant, focused on offering the finest cuisine and overall experience for every guest. Both believers in “paying it forward,” Eddie and Ozzie also support numerous organizations dedicated to providing for both human and animal welfare, or to promoting the arts, including The Lord’s Place, Planned Parenthood, Tri-County Animal Rescue and the Palm Beach Opera, to name a few.

What drew you to your partner?

Ozzie: Ed’s sense of humor, great people skills and ability to balance so many things at once while putting family first. I love the time he gives to me and our son. 

Eddie: Ozzie’s laughter, calm energy and passion for family and friends.

How do you feel about being called a “power couple?”

Eddie: Wow! A true honor. We just stick true to our values and close to our family. We always remember to give back. We live with love and hope; that’s the powerful thing. If our success and philosophy can inspire others to have hope and to give back, then our goal is met.

Catherine Warren, 

Executive Spa Director at Eau Palm Beach Resort’s Eau Spa

Christopher Warren,

National/Major Advertising Account Manager At Sun-Sentinel Media Group 

Consider this “math problem”: six years of marriage, plus two demanding schedules, plus one combined commitment to helping others while still finding time to work on their 1926 Addison Mizner Cottage in East Boca, plus the need to get their three children to school and activities on time. For the Warrens, who cite their complementary strengths as the backbone of their relationship, the solution is best expressed in fractions: “We can only do it all with the support of our better halves. Together, we add up to a great ‘whole,’” Chris says.

What are the most rewarding things you’ve done?

Catherine: Chris was one of the founders of the Downtown BBQ Throwdown. I’m one of the founders of the Godmothers. We want our children to see that one of life’s greatest gifts is giving back to others.

What is your partner’s best quality?

Catherine: Chris is kind, a great salesperson and good at all things mechanical, and the best dad on earth. He can also build a Mercedes from scratch!

Chris: Catherine is charismatic and goal-driven.


Carl Domino,

President/Cio Of Carl Domino Inc. Investment Managers & Wealth Advisors, Former Member Of The Florida House Of Representatives

Sharon Domino,


Sharon first met Carl when he made a presentation at Morgan Stanley, where she was a financial advisor. But their shared values of community and family, not business, drew the two together. Now married for 20 years, the Dominos love living in what they call the “jewel” that is Jupiter, proudly watching their 17-year-old twins become responsible adults. Sharon and Carl support numerous charities, including the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and Ballet Palm Beach. Sharon has chaired the Jupiter Medical Center gala and co-chaired the Oxbridge Academy Derby Day fundraiser.

What are the most rewarding things you’ve done?

Carl: I am blessed to have served in the Navy and the Florida legislature, and to have helped build successful companies. 

What is your partner’s best quality? 

Sharon: Carl is the original Eveready battery. While running his firm, he took on law school and graduated at age 70! 

How do you do it all?

Carl: We’re both strong time managers, but we can’t say “yes” to everything. We’re selective. As long as we’re doing what we love, we never feel that it’s work.

David Sabin,

President Of Brickhouse Pr

Lindsay Autry,

Chef/Partner At The Regional Kitchen And Public House, “Top Chef” Finalist

For these newlyweds, food rules. They first met when Lindsay was the executive chef at the hotel hosting David’s 30th birthday party. Their 2014 engagement happened at the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival, an event David founded. Their 2016 wedding took place in part of what was once Johnson & Wales Culinary School, Lindsay’s alma mater. When the couple finds time in their equally bustling schedules, they enjoy—what else?—sharing a meal with friends.

What are the most rewarding things you’ve done?

Lindsay: I try to give back to the Palm Beach community that gives me so much. [I] focus mostly on food-related causes, like local food banks and our local No Kid Hungry campaign.

What is your partner’s best quality?

Lindsay: David’s ambition and drive—and he’s a great dishwasher. I cook. He cleans!

David: Her kindness, passion, leadership and dedication. And she can cook dinner in seven minutes. I’ve timed it.

Tell us something others may not know about you.

Lindsay: I’m fluent in Spanish and put hot sauce on everything.

David: I have a sweet spot for hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Rosemary Denney,

CEO/chief brand strategist at Wealth Matters Consulting

Brian Denney,

Civil trial lawyer/shareholder at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA

“For some reason, she fell for my awkward attempt to win her over,” says Brian, recalling his first meeting with Rosemary in a café in Tampa. Now married for nearly 12 years, the West Palm Beach couple balances two dynamic careers while raising four children, insisting that it all boils down to three words: “Do your best.” “We work hard, try to do the right thing and love our kids, but wonder why they never sleep past 7 a.m., just like everybody else,” Rosemary says. 

How do you feel about being called a “power couple?”

Brian: If you want to see real power, watch our 1-year-old throw a tantrum. She has the power to make everybody stop in their tracks and do her bidding!

How do you do it all?

Brian: I don’t know how Rosemary does it all, but from what I’ve observed, it takes a healthy dose of prayer and a lot of energy and support from others. After working a full day, still puts a healthy meal on the table for our family, which is a small miracle.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Brian: For my children to remember me as someone who did the right thing, even when no one was looking, and for my daughters to grow up to be strong, happy women who are comfortable in their own skin.

Lew Crampton,

President of South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Kathleen Crampton,

Board of directors for DataMotion and New World Angels, retired president/CEO of United Health Care of Florida

The Cramptons met nearly 50 years ago in Massachusetts. Lew was running for State Representative and Kathleen was working in a neighborhood health center. “She wanted nothing to do with me because she thought I just wanted to recruit her to work on my campaign,” Lew says. The two later discovered a shared commitment to making the world a better place, one that still unites the North Palm Beach couple today. Lew helps open minds to science, while Kathleen works to improve the flow of health information and supports Florida’s early-stage entrepreneurs.

What drew you to one another?

Lew: We were both idealistic when we first met and committed to making the world a better place. We’ve grown older and wiser now, I guess, but helping make both our local world and global world better still unites us.

Tell us something others may not know about you.

Kathleen: I have a neighborhood health center named after me in Boston.

Lew: I’ve dug up a dinosaur, co-coached a national championship AAU basketball team, given a TED talk and been a backup singer to Andrea Bocelli.

What would you like to accomplish next?

Kathleen: I’d like to be a pilot.

Lew: I’d like to be a latter-day Bryn Terfel.

Sylvie Rimmer,

ER doctor and site director at St. Lucie Medical Center’s Free-Standing ER in Darwin Square, Port St. Lucie

John Rimmer,

Surgeon at John A.P. Rimmer M.D., P.A.

The Rimmers, married for nearly three decades, first met in London in 1987 when they worked at the same teaching hospital. John now works in Palm Beach County, and Sylvie in St. Lucie County, but regardless of where they are, the two physicians share a core belief: “Practicing medicine is intellectually difficult and emotionally draining, but always a gift.”  

What drew you to one another?

Sylvie: We’re both strong-willed people who are not afraid to speak our minds. We each wanted an equal partner who could challenge the other intellectually and emotionally. The pleasure of being true equals has kept our relationship strong.

How do you do it all?

John: By marrying wisely! I am a surgeon and a dad, while Sylvie is a doctor, a director, a mom, a church volunteer and the absolute organizer of all things in our home, as well as the keeper of our finances. 

What would you like your legacy to be?

Sylvie: Our kids are the legacy that really matters. They’re beautiful, intelligent, empathetic, open, caring human beings who plan to serve their community through law and environmental/equality activism.

Diane Bergner,

Senior director of development at Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Peter Bergner,

President of O’Connor Property Management

The Bergners first met at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and quickly became best friends. After 40 years together (36 married), Diane and Peter remain so. The West Palm Beach couple agrees that any success in their respective careers can primarily be chalked up to their shared adherence to Edison’s famous assertion: “Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.” 

What are the most rewarding things you’ve done?

Diane: When you work for a non-profit, it is about serving the greater good, enhancing the quality of life in our community. What could be more rewarding?

What drew you to your partner?

Diane: His wicked sense of humor, charming ways, elfish smile and slight edginess. And his attentiveness to me. Did I mention he was also short, dark and adorably handsome? He still is all of that.

Peter: Her beautiful smile, which our two daughters inherited. I loved her lively spirit, and her super little giggle that matched her smile.

How do you do it all?

Peter: Decluttering is key. Holding onto things doesn’t mean anything. Not anymore. It’s the people in my life that really matter.