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Going the Distance

Jill Kaplan, 35 and Jason Evans, 35

Wedding date: Nov. 16, 2013

Where: PGA National Resort & Spa

What they do: Jill is a project manager for Coastal Construction, and Jason is a commercial litigator for Leslie Robert Evans & Associates.

On selecting PGA National as the wedding site: “We really wanted our out-oftown guests, which there were a lot of them, to feel like they had a whole weekend away, but they didn’t have to go far to experience different things,” Jill says. “The guys could play golf, girls could be at the spa, and we don’t have to step foot off the property.”

The engagement: After a long-distance relationship that saw Jill traveling from her NYC home and Jason from his Florida one, Jill moved down to the Sunshine State in February. On the morning of March 16, the two decided to go on their normal running route. Right as they were passing one of their favorite restaurants – where they had their first dinner together – Jason faked a running injury. Jill walked back to him to see how he was doing, and he was already on one knee, ready to propose. Jason arranged for both sets of parents to be there to witness the engagement.

When she knew he was the one: Early in their relationship, Jason visited Jill in NYC and bought tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, one of Jason’s favorite musical artists. “That night that we went to the concert, there was a two-hour lightning storm delay,” Jill says of the concert at the Meadowlands. “We along with everyone else were ushered to a ramp inside the Meadowlands. It could have been disastrous because we were stuck on this cramped ramp for two hours just standing there, but we had a great time just talking and getting to know each other.”

Memorable moments

First dance song: “If I Should Fall Behind” by Bruce Springsteen

Father-daughter dance: “Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” by Billy Joel

Mother-son dance: “The Wish” by Bruce Springsteen


Behind the Veil

Venue: PGA National Resort & Spa Planner: Joni Scalzo, Your Special Day by Joni (

Wedding Planner: Joni Scalzo, Your Special Day by Joni (

Cake: Johnson’s (

Florist: Xquisite Events (

Photographer: Robert Madrid (

Video: Indie Atlantic (

Band: Robert Williamson Band (