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Model, Actor And Businesswoman Gabriela Dias Tells Us Her Go-To Outfit, Favorite Places In Florida And More

Brazilian-American model, actor, businesswoman and humanitarian Gabriela Dias was at the top of our list when selecting the October cover model. Find out what’s at the top of hers.

The best way to start the day
Cuddling with my dog just before i leave my bed. He makes me feel like it will be [a great] day. Then I like to have my first cup of coffee and work out before going to work or taking the kids to school.

The best piece of jewelry I own
My wedding band and my engagement ring—for obvious reasons. ... I love diamonds and my rings are the most beautiful I have ever seen, and they symbolize my love for my man and my family.

The best outfit to throw on in a hurry
A sexy, fitted dress and killer high heels. I love a sexy high heel.

The best way to spend my downtime
Reading amazing books and not worrying about what time it is.

The best style icon
Audrey Hepburn. She had an effortless elegance that can’t be taught. She was not afraid to experiment. I love her red lips. Red lips will never be out of style.

The best handbag designer
Coco Chanel. I feel fortunate that I own so many Coco Chanel bags. I like to think I am classy, and I love the sexy way Chanel puts a classy, sophisticated look together.

The best cellphone app
Instagram and Snapchat. I am not a big fan of all the new advertising on Instagram nowadays, so I am more and more using Snapchat.

The best thing about modeling
It gives me the opportunity to work with different people for many different types of jobs. Modeling also allows me to travel to so many fascinating destinations.

The best job I’ve held
The one i have now! I get to be an actress in movies and TV; I still work on a lot of modeling jobs, which I love; and I get to be creative when other brands hire my company, Dias Entertainment, to develop their marketing campaigns.

The best drink to sip
Water. I love water! I would choose water over any other drink, every time.

The best place in Florida
For secluded and untouched, I like to go to Sanibel Island; if I want amazing seafood, I like to visit Tarpon Springs; for amazing beaches and awesome white sand, I love Santa Rosa Beach; and if I want to go out and eat at great restaurants, I visit South Beach in Miami.