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The Best Antique Shops Across The Treasure Coast

From West Palm’s famed Antique Row to luxury antique shops in North Palm Beach, it’s no wonder that the area is known for its troves of treasured finds. We take a tour of the area’s most distinctive antique shops in search of that investment sofa or intricate chandelier that’s sure to make a statement in your home.

Cedric Dupont Antiques

Located just steps from West Palm’s Antique Row & Design District, Cedric DuPont Antiques specializes in handpicked 18th and 19th century French, Italian and continental antique furniture and accessories. The store, which opened in 1996, features a two-story, 20,000-square-foot gallery, making it one of the largest collections in the country. The gallery offers both ornate pieces, as well as lighter pieces that display well in contemporary or modern interiors.

Known for: Its European ambience.

Favorite piece: A late 18th, early 19th century Russian Imperial Neo-Classical St. Ormolu and rock crystal chandelier, attributed to Johan Zekh, one of Saint Petersburg’s most celebrated masters. Zekh created 21 chandeliers from 14 different models for the Mikhailovsky Castle. The Emperor Paul I wanted the castle to be as luxurious as possible. Upon his death, the emperor’s wife sent the chandeliers to various imperial residences. A very similar chandelier sold at Christie’s in Paris for $810,000 in November 2010.

Antiquing tips: You need to trust the dealer – someone who is established with a proven reputation. Sometimes one statement piece is all you need. Antiques are long-term investments, not something trendy.

3415 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.835.1319 /

Call: 561.835.1319


Tracy DeRamus opened Circa Who in 2004 after her husband grew tired of her filling up his shipping warehouse with “fabulous things,” she says. The colorful store is packed with lacquered chests, mirrors, consoles, coffee tables and more. Each piece is purchased with special attention to detail. “Everything I buy for Circa Who is purchased from pure emotion,” DeRamus says. “I don’t buy what everybody else is selling, I buy what I want to sell.”

Known for: 20th century furnishings from mid-century modern to Hollywood regency meets vintage Palm Beach.

Favorite pieces: The 20th century lacquered furniture. “I love how it gives a fab new look to a piece that already has good bones,” DeRamus says.

Antiquing tips: Don’t buy it just because it is cheap. Don’t buy it because it is trendy. Buy it because you love it. If you are buying for an investment, look for the iconic pieces. They are timeless.

531 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach / 561.655.5224 /

Call: 561.655.5224

D&G Antiques

Owner Gilbert Guerin opened D&G Antiques in 1997, just as West Palm’s Antique Row was attracting the locals of Palm Beach, as well as designers from New York to California. The store occupies one of the largest spaces on the row, and is considered a multi-dealer gallery with 40 dealers and two shops on the row – the second store, located next to the original location, is called “D&G Two.” Both stores are softly lit and filled with intricately patterned wall art, tables and chairs, chandeliers, Chinese porcelain and more.

Known for: 18th, 19th and 20th century European, American and Asian furniture; art-deco to mid-century modern pieces.

Favorite piece: An Italian barrel-front desk.

Antiquing tips: Shop for what you like, not the trend. Guerin also suggests investing in designers from the 1930s to 1970s with French, Italian, Swedish, American and Asian (Chinese and Japanese) styles. “The prices have been going steady and are continuing to go through the roof,” he says.

3234 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.835.0461 /

Call: 561.835.0461

The Elephant’s Foot Antiques

The Elephant’s Foot, an eclectic antique shop on Antique Row, is celebrating its 51st year in business. Marvin Ray purchased the shop in 1965 and later brought on business partner Ron French. The two have curated a timeless shop that focuses on well-constructed English furniture made of mostly mahogany and rosewood. “It’s so classic ... it never goes out of style,” French says of English pieces. The owners, who make yearly trips to Europe to search for pieces, emphasize quality rather than trends. “Retro has been strong for a long time, the white/lacquer look, but we’ve never stopped selling traditional English and French,” French says. The 6,500-foot showroom carries furniture as well as decorative pieces such as chandeliers, framed artwork and more.

Known for: English and continental furniture.

Favorite piece: An 18th century mahogany English nine-foot sideboard priced at $24,500. “It’s probably the most prestigious thing we have at the moment,” French says.

Antiquing tips: Buy the best quality that you can afford. You should be happy with what you’re living with. “If it sings to you, if it makes you happy when you look at it now, or if you go home and keep thinking about it, then you know that it’s for you,” French says.

3800 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.832.0170 /

Call: 561.832.0170

Faustina Pace Antiques

Faustina Pace opened her carefully curated antique shop 10 years ago, but she’s been “antiquing” since she was a young girl. “Once you get that bug, it doesn’t go away,” she says. Today, her store on Antique Row is known for its subtle and soothing palette of white, cream, beige and gray furniture. Pace’s focused viewpoint means that she steers clear of all color. “It’s more calming ... it’s easy to live with,” she says of the neutral antiques that she collects from France, Sweden and Belgium. She prefers French pieces from the period of Napoleon III, adding that the chairs have an ergonomic design to them. “They have that sort of lumbar accent to the seat,” she says.

Known for: Furniture finished in neutral colors, such as white, cream, beige and gray.

Favorite piece: English merchant white ironstone butter slabs inscribed with the words “butter,” “cheese” and “margarine.” “They’re wonderful to decorate with,” Pace says. Each piece starts at $2,200.

Antiquing tips: Buy the best of what you can afford. Decide what you want to live with, and buy that.

3633 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.804.6682 /

Call: 561.804.6682

Heath & Co.

The high-end lighting store opened in 1985 and has been the king of lighting on Antique Row ever since. “After being here so long, everyone tries to copy but it’s not quite the same,” says store owner Alan Salomon. Besides custom lampshades and ready-made lamps, the store also offers an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary antiques, including bamboo pieces, as well as Spanish and Italian furniture. Salomon says that he’s seeing trends like Art Deco, white gold, platinum and navy returning this year. “We’re also getting calls for black shades,” he says, adding that every three or four years black lamp shades come back in style.

Known for: High-end lighting and antiques.

Favorite piece: A coastal, modern-style mirror in coral, priced at $1,199.

Antiquing tips: If it’s something that you’ll be sitting on, make sure that it’s sturdy and comfortable. “Give it the wiggle test,” Salomon says.

3707 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.833.0880 /

Call: 561.833.0880


Owner Mac Hoak opened the flagship emporium in the village of Southampton, New York in the spring of 1996. In 2000, Mecox followed its many stylish New York-based customers down to Palm Beach and founded a permanent home on Worth Avenue. Ten years later, the store moved “across the bridge” to West Palm. The Antique Row store caters to both indoor and outdoor living environments with home and garden furnishings and antique accessories. The store carries a mix of one-of-a-kind antiques, unusual re-editions, as well as its own classic Mecox designs. Recent pieces include vintage lion bookends, Dorothy Draper-style wood rope chairs and a mid-century Lucite chandelier.

Known for: Home and garden furnishings.

Favorite piece: A vintage deco channel back chaise that the store reupholstered in a bright turquoise fabric to add a little pop of color. It’s priced at $2,400.

Antiquing tips: Pay attention to craftsmanship and quality. Quality pieces will have longevity. Invest in key pieces that can transition with you over time, such as a sofa, dining table and chairs, and a great bed.

3900 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach / 561.805.8611 /

Call: 561.805.8611

Todd Hase Furniture

The famous New York-based furniture and interior designer recently opened his showroom on Antique Row in West Palm. The store, which features his own designs as well as imported antiques, showcases pieces that complement contemporary and traditional interiors, Hase says. The designer lives near Paris in the summer to search for fine French antiques, such as Louis XVI benches, desks and chairs. “They have great balance and symmetrical lines,” Hase says. Besides 16th century French antiques, the store also carries Murano glass, vintage lighting and artwork from mid-century French artists. The designer has also customized pieces for Cameron Diaz, Donald Trump and the TV set of “Sex and the City.”

Known for: Transitional furniture design. “We’re the only production furniture showroom on the street,” Hase says.

Favorite piece: A Picasso pochoir silkscreen priced at $3,500.

Antiquing tips: Always buy quality and stylistically classic.

3604 S. Dixie Highway, Ste. 120, West Palm Beach / 561.557.8310 /

Call: 561.557.8310

True Treasures Antiques & Fine Consignments

Owner Paul Shine says True Treasures carries “a collage of furniture” ranging from original antiques to vintage to mid-century to modern. But it’s not your typical cluttered antique store. Rather, the store, which opened in 1991 in North Palm Beach, carries a well-curated collection of high-quality pieces. Shine operates the store on the mantra: “Why pay retail, when you can find great quality at a significantly less price?” “We want items that are significantly attractive and in great condition,” he says, adding that he sources pieces from throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Known for: Upscale, high-quality furniture.

Favorite piece: A marble table with two elephant heads at each end, priced at $1,400.

Antiquing tips: Buy what you like. Antiquing is a personal experience.

Crystal Tree Plaza, 1201 U.S. Highway 1, Ste. 15, North Palm Beach / 561.349.6792 /

Call: 561.349.6792

An Insider’s Guide to Antique Row

There’s a reason why Conde Nast Traveler mentioned Antique Row when it named Palm Beach its No. 4 choice for best shopping in the U.S. The district, which stretches from Belvedere Road to Southern Boulevard along South Dixie Highway, boasts more than 40 antique shops, restaurants and art galleries. “Everyone has their own thing, their own look, their own merchandise,” says Ron French, co-owner of The Elephant’s Foot Antiques. Here’s a sampling of shops in the district. For a full listing of stores on the row, visit


Palm Beach Vintage

Christa’s South Seashells & Jewelry

D. Brett Benson Inc.

Floral Emporium

Cindy Ray Interiors, Incorporated

Out of Africa Art Shop


Cashmere Buffalo

Greta S. Decorative Antiques

Wardall Antiques & Decorations

Regency Antiques & Home

Reward Lighting

James & Jeffrey Antiques

Coco House & Company

Jacki Mallick Designs

Blue Moon Antiques

Objects 20C


Maison Carlos Restaurant

Belle & Maxwell’s Cafe

Rhythm Cafe

Gulfstream Bistro & Seafood Market


Sean Rush Atelier

Mary Woerner

Fine Arts

JF Gallery & Framing


Prima Antiques

Silvia Petroccia Antiques & Interiors

Veronica Volani-Inza Casa

Authentic Provence Inc.

Turquoise Turtle