February – 2015 – Cocktail Hour with Josh Cohen



The New Fashioned:

An ounce-and-a-half of Bulleit Bourbon, fine Italian sweet vermouth and maraschino liqueur built over ice with a muddle-free process incorporating brandied cherries and an orange twist. A sexy, modernized “Alchemist” version of an old classic.

WHO: Former NFL linebacker and community philanthropist Henri Crockett

WHAT: The Bulleit Bourbon New Fashioned cocktail, paired with the spicy lobster poppers with aioli over tempura rice cakes and cilantro ponzu, the house-made sausage platter with spicy fennel and beer-jalapeno-bacon sausages, and the Berries in a Jar made with Grand Marnier berries, medjool dates, handmade vanilla whipped cream and macaroons.

WHERE: The Alchemist Gastropub I 223 Clematis St., West Palm Beach I 561.355.0691 I thealchemistgastropub.com

1 – Playing football for Coach Bobby Bowden at Florida State was: larger than life. Everywhere we went, he was a rock star. Lots of coaches come to your house while recruiting you, but Coach Bowden showed up with a parade of Cadillacs led by a police escort. Everywhere we went, it was like being the Beatles of college football. And he’s so involved in charity. He’s an amazing man.

2 – When we won the 1993 National Championship, the first thing I thought was: I can’t wait to do it again next year! I was a freshman, and I just figured that we would be back there every year. I thought, “It’s not that big of a deal,” except we never got back there again.

3 – When the Atlanta Falcons drafted me in 1997, I was: so happy to be drafted, but also disappointed that the Dolphins had picked two linebackers at the end of the third round instead of me. I went to training camp with a chip on my shoulder — with something to prove. I was playing alongside Cornelius Bennett, my childhood hero. In meetings I would think, “I can’t believe I’m sitting next to him.” He took me under his wing. He taught me everything.

4- Starting in Super Bowl XXXIII, against John Elway and the Broncos in my hometown of Miami was: exciting, but my mentality was so screwed up from having lost only four games over five years in college that I expected us to be there. During the national anthem I looked around and realized, “This is huge.” Then, Cher walked by, and I could not believe how fine she was.

5- Something most people would never guess about the Crockett Foundation is: that we work it ourselves day to day, that we are hands on with the kids. At events, I’m setting up the tables myself. There are limited resources, I believe every dollar should go toward the kids.

6- Most people would never guess it, but I’m a huge fan of: love stories. “The Notebook” is my favorite movie ever. I could watch it every day. But before a game I would always watch “Rocky IV,” and then years later it was “Gladiator.” They always gave me that edge.

7- I’m deathly afraid of: failure. My high school assistant principal told me that to succeed, you have be willing to give up something that the other guy won’t. On the field, I would look at the guy across from me and see that he’s not willing to make that sacrifice. That kept me driven.

After playing in a combined 103 games for the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings in his celebrated NFL career, the Pompano Beach native founded the Crockett Foundation, which serves to inspire and empower youth by providing educational opportunities, health resources and mentoring services, enabling them to make better life choices. Henri Crockett also serves as President and CEO of South Florida Development & Investment Company. The father to daughter Isys and son Jasiah, Crockett and his family currently reside in Cooper City, Fla.

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