Fine Linens

For more than a decade, Fine Linens has provided the “established homeowner” with timeless, high quality bedding and bath products.

Fragrances and finds

Scents of lavender and fresh cotton greet guests as they enter Fine Linens on Gallery Square South in Tequesta. The quaint boutique, brightened by natural light, showcases two bed displays with attractive sheets, comforters and toppings that tempt customers to climb in. Tall shelves along the store perimeter play host to linens, wall décor, furniture, light fixtures, bathrobes, candles and more.

Family business

The owner, Kathy Livingston, or her sister, Karin Fagien, can likely tell a customer the exact materials used in a bar of soap tucked away in the corner, or where a place mat set buried among others was shipped from. While the boutique’s pristine products work to gain clientele, it’s also the sisters’ knowledge for their products, and their attentive services that influence customer loyalty.

Focus on service

Whether a shopper is looking to redesign a bedroom or host a dinner party, Fine Linens works not only to provide the necessary products, but to aide the conceptualization process. “We specialize in working with the client to coordinate their home décor. We don’t just do their linens, we look at the whole picture,” Livingston says. She encourages clients to bring in fabrics they’re trying to match with anything from throw pillows to wallpaper. The boutique also provides embroidering services on everything from towels to cocktail napkins.

Quality over quantity

Livingston and Fagien credit their passion for bed and bath items to their Swedish heritage and mother’s influence. Livingston says her mother hand stitched embroideries, and that her attention for detail is something both Livingston and her sister picked up on. Their mother also placed emphasis on quality over quantity; and taught them to take pride in the appearances of their beds, bathrooms and the kitchen table – which was always perfectly set. “We didn’t have a lot, but we had an appreciation,” Livingston says. This is why the standard is set high for products she orders to sell in the boutique. Brands such as Matouk and Sferra sit proud on the shelves, joining imported items from France, Italy and Portugal. Even the candles are 100 percent beeswax, so they produce a clean burn.


Quality comes at a price. But Livingston emphasizes that the items sold in the boutique are timeless and durable, which in turn makes the investment worthwhile.

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