Florida-Based European Wax Center Launches Campaign To Advocate For Equal Prices For Women’s Products


Ever heard of the “pink tax?” Maybe not, but if you’re a woman you’ve definitely paid it.

The pink tax is an added amount women are charged for basic products or services, including body wash, laundry services, conditioner and more. Similar products that are labeled for and marketed to men are, on average, cheaper than those marketed to women.

Florida-based European Wax Center (EWC) has launched an Ax The Pink Tax campaign for the month of April, which aims to raise awareness of the pink tax and inspire women to take a stand against it.

Ax The Pink Tax campaign is engaging women through messaging and imagery across paid media and EWC-owned channels. Other elements include an event partnership, charitable contribution and a special offer at all EWC centers across the nation.

Throughout April, EWC will offer guests a 13.51 percent discount on one service or product in order to raise awareness about the $1,351 extra that women pay every year due to the pink tax. EWC associates will also wear pink eyebrows to further raise awareness and show their solidarity.

EWC has over 30 centers in South Florida. To see locations, visit waxcenter.com.

Photo courtesy of European Wax Center

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