Fragrance Designer Eric Buterbaugh On How To Find Your Signature Scent


Meet Eric Buterbaugh, celebrity florist and fragrance designer whose perfume collection, EB Florals, is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

What inspired the creation of EB Florals? 

Floral notes are at the core of most fragrances, so the move from flowers to scents was kind of natural and always something I wanted to do. Also, I find it sad that industrially produced flowers have lost most of their scent. The focus is on the visual rather than the olfactive, and I miss the amazing scents cut flowers still had 20 years ago. Creating floral fragrances is a way for me to revive those memories.

Tell me about some scents from your fragrance line.

I have been basically obsessing over each fragrance in my line. First, I fell in love with our Regal Tuberose, which I thought was so chic and elegant. I had a long love story with Apollo Hyacinth, too, because beautiful green florals are so rare and master perfumer Alberto Morillas is such a genius. Such an amazing talent. Lately I have been wearing Velvet Lavender, it has kind of become my signature scent.

With so many perfumes to choose from, how do you recommend finding the scent that best suits us? 

Don’t choose! Buy everything you love. Absolutely everything. Play with them when you’re at home. Wear one, two, three at a time and compare. Ask the people you love for feedback—just have fun as you would with dresses or suits. Build your fragrance wardrobe over time; become a collector.

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