Fresh Food Finds

Discover unique treats from a few of the area’s top food and beverage artisans.

Doughtopia flavors (clockwise from top left) Boss Brownie, Straight Up Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, and OG Chocolate Chip.


Palm Beach Gardens baker Rachel Wallace says she has
always had “the most ridiculous sweet tooth in the world”
and recalls making desserts and testing them on coworkers. When the cookie dough craze swept the nation, she began experimenting and, through trial and error, came up with a recipe that resembles the irresistible batter we all like to sneak bites of—without the raw eggs or baking powder/soda. She founded Doughtopia in 2019 and started selling scoops at local green markets. Her OG Chocolate Chip reigns as her bestseller, while flavors like Yabba Dabba Dough (sugar cookie dough with Fruity Pebbles) showcase her creativity. Doughtopia’s sweet treats boast a counter life of two weeks, though they’re unlikely to last more than a few minutes after you take that first divine bite. Place orders by sending a direct message through Dough-topia’s Instagram account (@cookiedoughtopia).

Oceana Coffee

When Scott Angelo moved to Jupiter, he had trouble finding coffee that lived up to his standards—so in 2008, he and his wife, Amy, founded Oceana Coffee. All of their specialty, fair-trade, and organic beans are roasted to order in small batches; although they roast more than 50,000 pounds each year, inventory remains low and the beans are consistently fresh. They work closely with wholesale partners to create custom blends, focusing on educating both staff and consumers about the glory of a well-made cup. Order coffee beans, ground coffee, and coffee and espresso beverages (plus breakfast and lunch bites to go) online from their roasting house or cafe, both located in Tequesta.

Wildflower Granola

After moving to South Florida in 2010 from Cape Cod, where she co-owned a bakery, Sharon Smith began selling her baked goods at local green markets. She quickly discovered that her granola—made with high-quality, often organic ingredients and without the preservatives, additives, and high sugar content of traditional brands—earned rave reviews, prompting her to focus solely on the snack and launch her Lake Park-based business. Her most popular blend, Take A Hike, combines organic oats with seeds, dried cranberries, maple syrup, and agave for a snack that’s low in sugar and high in protein. Other fan favorites include Maple Pecan and Berry Key-Licious, a flavor inspired by Florida (and suggested by her kids) that mixes Key lime extract and freeze-dried strawberries for a sweet and sour flavor. Buy Wildflower Granola online or find it on shelves at Joseph’s Classic Market and Sprouts.

Hani Honey creates a variety of honey products. Photo by Delia Raresheid.

Hani Honey Company

Jennifer Holmes started beekeeping as a hobby that would allow her to enjoy nature. More than 15 years after starting her first colony, she is now a master beekeeper whose bees help pollinate the crops of many local farmers and also serves as president of the Florida State Beekeepers Association. As co-owner of Hani Honey, Holmes oversees apiaries in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie counties that produce honey varieties like wildflower, orange blossom, and saw palmetto. Her bees are never treated with chemicals, and she harvests the honey by hand before it’s spun and filtered—but never heated. Hani Honey also offers candles, royal jelly, bee pollen, raw creamed honey, and a decadent cacao honey spread. Order online or find Hani Honey products at Nutrition World in Palm Beach Gardens.

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