Get Your Greens with A Farmer’s Daughter Microgreens

Microgreens are not only good for your health, but they also add flavor and texture to everyday meals

Alissa Schey Mondina
Alissa Schey Mondina

Like many during the pandemic, Alissa Schey Mondina occupied her free time by focusing on hobbies—like honing her green thumb. “I am passionate about gardening and spent that time experimenting with vegetables I love to eat,” she says. She decided to take her hobby to the next level by creating an online platform for the community, and A Farmer’s Daughter Microgreens was born. Mondina specializes in microgreens—the young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs—which are big on flavor and nutrition. She sells a variety of options, ranging from sunflower to arugula, through her website and also offers a Grow Your Own Kit. Here, she shares the benefits of these tiny-but-mighty greens and their importance to our diets.

Stuart Green Market
Stuart Green Market

What ignited your passion for microgreens?

I love the fact that they are easy to grow and rich with nutrients we all could use more of, including vitamins A, C, and K, folate, protein, beta-carotene, and more. Adding them to any dish ramps up the nutritional value.

What are some of the key benefits?

Radish microgreens can remove toxins from the body, which is a benefit that is very attractive to me when I think of all the toxins we unknowingly consume day-to-day. I eat a plant-based diet, so I am also always looking for ways to add extra protein to my diet. The high protein in sunflower microgreens (6 grams per ¼ cup) fulfills that when added to any dish.

Radish microgreens on everything bagel with avocado
Radish microgreens on everything bagel with avocado.

What are some of your favorite varieties of microgreens?

I love purple radish microgreens because of the added crunch and spiciness, on top of the beta-carotene and toxin-removal properties. I put them in all of my salads and sandwiches. Sunflower microgreens are also high on my favorites list. The crunchiness is out-of-this-world amazing on avocado toast, and they also give you a dose of protein. I’m also a huge fan of white pizza topped with a pile of fresh arugula microgreens.

Can microgreens be grown at home?

They sure can! It’s fun, easy, and rewarding. You just need a container, good soil, seeds, and a sunny window. I sell a Grow Your Own Kit on my website that includes everything you need to get started including seeds, soil, compostable containers, and, most important, directions to guide you through your first grow.

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