Go with the Flow at Groovy Goat Farm

Explore your practice and lift your spirits with help from baby goats at upcoming classes on July 9 and 23

Photo courtesy of Valerie Staggs
Photo courtesy of Valerie Staggs

On a breezy, sunny Saturday in April, 30 yogis lay down their mats and wait for class to begin. But this isn’t just any yoga class—a herd of baby goats are in on the action too. 

Goat yoga began trending a few years ago, and now locals can take part in the fun at the Groovy Goat Farm in Jupiter Farms. “This is about reconnecting people with nature through interaction with animals,” says yogi Kim Depasquale, who studies animal therapy.

When Depasquale’s father-in-law, John Depasquale, purchased his Jupiter Farms property in 2021, she pitched him the idea of bringing Downward Goat—a local nonprofit that supports veterans, first responders, and other caregivers through therapeutic yoga—
to the farm. A Vietnam vet, he knew nothing about goats at the time. “I’m from Brooklyn,” he says. “I knew dogs, cats, and rats.” 

Today, there are nine goats on his property, among other animals including donkeys. His “best friend” is Peanut, a brown goat who follows him everywhere. “Goats are social, affectionate, and like being around animals and people,” says Despasquale, who has seen firsthand the therapeutic effect his goats have on people. “This is a place where people can leave their stress behind.”

Goat yoga provides several benefits including increased focus, laughter, and a general feel-good mood after interacting with the animals. Groovy Goat Farm offers goat yoga twice a month (July classes are on the 9th and the 23rd) and also hosts private parties and team-building events. 

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