Healthy Meets Hearty at Farmer’s Table

Wellness and satisfaction are top of mind at the North Palm Beach eatery

Spice Seared Atlantic Tuna at Farmer’s Table.
Photos by Gyorgy Papp

The North Palm Beach location of Farmer’s Table recently marked its first anniversary, celebrating its mission to bring healthy and thoughtful eating to the local community.

Joseph Giannuzzi, who also opened the Boca Raton location in 2013 with co-owner Mitchell Robbins, began working as a busboy at the age of 16. His moment of awakening came one night at the original Prezzo in Boca Raton. “We ran out of mozzarella, and the sous chef whipped some up in 15 minutes,” he recalls. “It made me realize the possibilities
of a true scratch kitchen.”

Cucumber tartare

Farmer’s Table grew out of Giannuzzi’s perception that customer tastes were changing. “As a chef, I noticed that guests were asking for different dishes than what we had on the menu; they wanted to avoid carbs, and they were seeking vegan and vegetarian options,” he says. “I started learning about clean eating and incorporating it into my repertoire. I always wanted to make a difference, and Farmer’s Table has allowed me to do that.”

He prides himself on offering something for everyone. You can get a salad of raw vegetables, but it’s also possible to consume a burger, short ribs, roast chicken, or salmon. “We’re not just serving rice cakes and bean sprouts,” Giannuzzi says. “We want to be a place where parents, children, and grandparents can come in together, and all of them can find something they like.” A good example of his philosophy is the signature dish, “spasta” and meatballs—roasted spaghetti squash with gluten-free chicken meatballs and regular or vegan mozzarella, tossed in his mother’s tomato sauce recipe.

Under the direction of lead mixologist Ben Foster, the bar program is just as creative as the food menu, featuring hand-pressed juices and fresh herbs. Each mocktail in the Elixir
series has a specific wellness focus. For example, Butterfly Effect contains tangerine kombucha and butterfly tea, and What’s Up Doc is built on a foundation of organic juices and the powerful antioxidant turmeric.

Farmer’s Table has been well received by the community, and the restaurant is doing its best to reciprocate. It offers a free yoga class on Sunday mornings and, COVID permitting, also sponsors a learning series on different topics of diet, nutrition, and wellness hosted by guest speakers. And with 20,000 square feet, social distancing is never an issue. 951 U.S. Hwy. 1, North Palm Beach; 561.691.3430

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