Hibiscus Streatery is New in Town

The team behind The Little Moir’s restaurant group delivers yet again with its latest neighborhood locale

Hibiscus Streatery’s 326 Salad. Photos by Dustin Wright
Hibiscus Streatery’s 326 Salad. Photos by Current Media Co.

Fans of Little Moir’s restaurants have another place to call home: Hibiscus Streatery. It opened last August and delivers great food with a casual atmosphere, much like Food Shack/Maxi’s Lineup and Leftovers Cafe. It’s fair to say that the restaurant evolved by accident. Mike Moir and Drew Shimkus originally purchased the building in 2019 as a commissary kitchen and catering headquarters.

“When the pandemic hit and all of our catering parties canceled, we were forced to figure out what to do with the building,” says Geroge Raboni, general manager and catering coordinator. “We brought in two fish coolers and started to sell fresh fish, and then we added seating. The business just grew naturally.”

Sautéed fish over spinach and rice, Photo by Dustin Wright
Sautéed fish over spinach and rice.

Zoned commercial in a residential area, Hibiscus Streatery is quickly turning into a hidden gem and neighborhood hangout. The chefs bake bread, make pasta, and prepare fish for all three Moir restaurants, but Hibiscus Streatery has already become a destination in its own right. The cozy restaurat offers seating for 13 and a daily chalkboard menu featuring market-inspired dishes. In addition to seafood, guests can enjoy sandwiches such as Nashville hot chicken and smoked brisket grilled cheese.

“We’re gaining customers by the day,” says Raboni. “We’ll never be as popular as Food Shack or Leftovers because of our size, but we have a great team. There’s a lot of laughter and camaraderie here—and it’s contagious.” 326 Hibiscus St., Jupiter; 561.529.3769

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