Hurricane Matthew Sends Coastal Residents In Search Of Wind Resistant Building Material Options


From the Dominican Republic throughout the many stunning beaches of the islands of the Bahamas, past the Atlantic coast of Florida and beyond, the sudden advancement of Hurricane Matthew brought a sobering reminder to those who live and own property in hurricane zones—a storm of such magnitude can quickly transform a tropical oasis to a pile of rubble. With the kind help of neighbors, volunteers and workers from other states and countries, determined and hardy residents quickly and bravely begin picking up the pieces and rebuild the devastation back to its original beauty.

Naturally, at times like these, many are left asking, “How can we rebuild this better?” or “How much money could we have saved if we used a better design?” It’s questions like these that motivate innovation and creativity in the building industry—providing more and better options for property owners to build and prepare against the next extreme weather event. In comparison to 15-20 years ago, resourceful and innovative companies now have many more great products available that when used, can help mitigate the cost of recovery. 

One such company is Global Innovation. A solutions-oriented company, based here in Florida, Global Innovation manufactures and sells a particularly creative product line “Endureed®” tailored for property owners using a thatched roof as part of their architecture. 

Endureed® is a Hurricane resistant, fire resistant and aesthetically accurate replacement for natural thatched roofing. 

Since 1999 Endureed® Thatched roofing has been the world’s leading brand of synthetic thatched roofing, providing natural and durable thatched roofing for projects all over the world. From the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, at Disney’s® Aulani Resort, to blissful over-water bungalows in Fiji and multiple residences, amusement parks and zoos in between, Endureed® continues to set the standard for those looking for a long-term, worry free solution, that maintains the attractive nature of a natural thatched roof.

The efforts put in by Global Innovation to eliminate all maintenance problems normally associated with a thatched roof such as infestation and decay, as well as fire risk and safety concerns inherent with natural thatching, have resulted in products that have passed even the most stringent building codes. Endureed® products carry multiple certifications for ASTM Fire ratings, Wind uplift, UV stability, impact resistance and environmental benefit ratings. 

It’s this combination of innovation and dedication to quality that result in satisfied building owners. As an example, here’s what one of their customers had to say, shortly after hurricane Matthew ravaged the eastern coast of the U.S.

“[O]ur two tiki bar areas behind our house that we covered with your product over a year ago came through with flying colors. Not one piece of palm fronds came off either structure. We live in Charleston! I’m very happy!” said Dave Westberg, homeowner in South Carolina.

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