In the know: Beach Water Quality

Check that the water’s clean before dipping your toes in the surf this summer.

Ever think the water looks a bit murky? That it might be breeding dangerous bacteria? Well, don’t let your imagination get the best of you – the Florida Department of Health has you covered. The department posts the latest reports of ocean bacteria levels every two weeks on its website. Most of the time, the data shows that in South Florida, the water is safe. But it can’t hurt to be cautious. You can view all of the water-quality readings dating back to the year 2000. To see the reports go to

Also, follow these tips from the Florida Department of Health to stay germ free 
at the beach this summer:

• Use a beach shower before and after swimming.

• Supervise children so they don’t drink ocean water.

• Avoid swimming if you have a cut, or cover it with a watertight bandage.

• If you have a weakened immune system, ask your doctor if you need to take special precautions.

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