In The Shadows

Does Groundhog Day 
matter for South Florida?

On Feb. 2 every year, groundhog Punxsutawney Phil draws crowds as large as 40,000 in Pennsylvania. Guests eagerly anticipate the groundhog’s emergence from hibernation. That’s when the fate of the next six weeks is supposedly decided – will the snow days continue, or will it be time to pack away the jackets?

StormFax Weather Almanac and National Climatic Data Center have both described the groundhog’s predictions as inaccurate. None of that matters too much in South Florida, anyway. Average South Florida temperatures for the month of February range from 59 to 77 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

In fact, Visit Florida, the official Florida tourism industry marketing corporation, capitalized on Groundhog Day a few years ago with a campaign featuring images of groundhog Phil participating in warm-weather activities around the state.


Legend has it…

If it’s sunny, and the groundhog sees his shadow…
Winter for 6 more weeks.

If it’s cloudy…
Spring comes early.

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