Irene Lummertz Jewelry

See why the Palm Beach-based designer’s pieces have caught our eye.

Designed by Irene Lummertz

Irene Lummertz designs all the pieces for her namesake brand herself. The jewelry is produced in her home country of Brazil, which she often visits to inspect the work of her artisans. A perfectionist at heart, she ensures each piece is made with care and aligns with her vision. “If I see the citrine is not being made the way I want I say, ‘Absolutely not,’” she says.

Made by Hand

Each Lummertz piece is handmade in Brazil with natural gemstones. There are no machines or molds involved; each stone is cut and polished by hand. Lummertz prides herself on not using heat to treat any of her stones. “There [are] no artificial treatments so they are basically organic,” she says.

Little Jewel Box

The 200-square-foot boutique is small and charming. The store is filled with natural light and clean lines, which create an environment Lummertz calls inviting and relaxing.

Signature Pieces

Lummertz says her 17-millimeter citrine studs, available in every color, are a big hit. “Ladies love them,” she says. The line’s detachable earrings, which can be worn up to four different ways, are also popular.

Sparkling roots

Lummertz grew up around pretty jewelry – her dad was a gemologist. As a child, she’d cut out images of jewelry from magazines and glue them to herself. As an adult, she began designing using stones her father gave her. She was working at a high-end antique store in D.C., wearing her jewelry to work, when the compliments on her designs started. She built a client base and by 2008 opened her storefront in Palm Beach. Today she splits her time between D.C., Palm Beach and traveling.

Price Range

All pieces are set in 18kt gold and feature various luxury stones and crystals. Prices range from $3,000 to $42,000.

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