January – 2015 – Cocktail Hour with Josh Cohen



Hendrick’s Cucumber Basil Gimlet

-Muddle 2 tablespoons diced cucumber, 2 basil leaves and 1/2 ounce of simple syrup.

-Add 1 and 1/4 ounce of Hendrick’s Gin, 1/2 ounce of both lemon and lime juices and 1 dash of bitters.

-Shake with ice and strain into a high ball over fresh ice.

-Top with 1/4 ounce of soda water and garnish with cucumber wheel.

WHO: Former PGA Tour player, Nicklaus Companies Board Member; Gary Nicklaus

WHAT: Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Basil Gimlet paired with Bravo! Classic Grilled Pork Chops in herb butter sauce with Tuscan mashed potatoes, breaded Strauss veal Parmesan with pomodoro sauce and herb linguine, and Crispy Shrimp Napoli, with green onions, in charred tomato Napoli sauce.

WHERE: Bravo! Cucina Italiana at Harbourside Place | 149 Soundings Ave., Jupiter | 561.747.4445 | bravoItalian.com

1) Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated when I was 16 was: a lot of things. It was embarrassing, it was something to be proud of, and it was very awkward for me. I was a pretty good player, but I wasn’t great. I had just come back to school after lunch, and my buddy hands me the issue and I’m on the cover with the title “The Next Nicklaus.” My dad was angry. They never said it was going to be a cover story. I knew I hadn’t earned that yet.

2) Beating my father in a round of golf for the first time at age 13 was: special, because my dad would never, ever let me win. If it came down to the last hole, he would ALWAYS make that putt to tie, or beat me. But on that day at Lost Tree, we were tied on the 18th, and I hit a one iron about 230 yards to within a foot from the hole. He was happy for me.

3) Going to Ohio State to play golf was: a lot of fun. I was recruited by a lot of schools, but Jim Brown, the coach at Ohio State sent me a letter every week like clockwork from seventh grade on. He made me feel like this was the place for me, plus I wanted to go up north, where there was time away from golf. When you walk out from the clubhouse, there’s a plaque on the wall that reads: “The Ohio State University Golf Courses, Collegiate Home Of Jack Nicklaus, The Greatest Golfer Ever To Play The Game.”

4) The Honda Classic is very important to me and South Florida because: in a very short time it has grown from $300,000 raised for children’s charities when we first took over, to eclipsing $2 million this past year. Ken Kennerly has done an amazing job and has created so much excitement for what has become a premier event each year. My mom asked me to be involved, and I’m very fortunate that my kids are very healthy. I’m grateful for what it brings to our community.

5) Having an icon as your dad: has its advantages and its disadvantages. It’s funny, I always knew that he was the greatest at something, but it wasn’t until seeing him win the 1980 U.S. Open that I realized what that was. But it’s my mom too. They’re wonderful people.What they’ve done as the first family of golf, for children and for charity – I’ve gotten to do and see amazing things as a result. On the other hand, you have to be very guarded. It’s difficult to trust people. You must always represent and protect the family name and the brand.

Following 13 years playing professionally on the PGA Tour, Gary Nicklaus has served as vice-chairman of the board of Nicklaus Companies, and currently serves as co-chairman of the Children’s Healthcare Charity Inc., a non-profit organization that operates The Honda Classic. An accomplished golf course designer, he and associate Jim Fazio have recently donated their talents to collaborate on the design of the new Conservation miniature course at the South Florida Science Center. Nicklaus has recently joined the board of the Wildlife Foundation of Florida. Gary Nicklaus resides in Jupiter.

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