Jupiter Drone Video Shows Our Town Is The ‘Pearl Of The Palm Beaches’


There’s nothing like our coastal lifestyle, and one Jupiter native set out to prove that in a new drone video.

Alex Folds, who grew up in Jupiter and has his own aerial photography and videography company, wanted to capture “the outrageous beauty of where we live” by making a video that would bring his hometown to life.

The two-and-a-half minute clip features shots highlighting Jupiter’s waterways to emphasize locals’ aquatic lifestyle, Folds said.

“The sandbar, the beach, the inlet, the bridges, the lighthouse, the pier. Life in Jupiter is defined by the water,” he said.

But that’s not all Jupiter has to offer. Folds says he also includes two shots of the Abacoa area—Roger Dean Stadium and the Scripps and Max Planck research facilities—to represent Jupiter’s history and future development.

“If Jupiter is going to develop from a small beach town into something more modern, I think having two sophisticated research facilities and an honors college is something to really be proud of and promote,” Folds said. “Not only is Jupiter a fun and beautiful place to live, it is an intellectual place of influential thinkers that solve world problems.”

Set to the dramatic, symphonic dream-pop song “Outro” by M83, he hoped these visuals would ultimately evoke a feeling of awe among viewers.

“I wanted to overload people with the beauty of Jupiter, so that people are experiencing something that they will remember,” he said.

So what’s Folds’s personal favorite spot in Jupiter? Unquestionably, the DuBois Park area with its jetty.

“I have more fond memories there throughout all the years of my life than anywhere else, especially fishing with my dad and watching the waves come in from hurricanes,” he said. “If a giant meteor was coming to Earth, that’s where I would go.”

Note: Before flying drones in your area, please read up on FAA regulations, local laws and ordinances. 

Watch the video below:

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