October Superfoods

Eating locally grown, in-season produce is better for your body, your buck and your brain, Nicole Marchand, a registered dietitian with West Boca Medical Center, says. Marchand breaks down the health foods to look for this fall.


Replace carbs with cauliflower, Marchand suggests. The vegetable is high in vitamin C and dense with nutrients that lower cholesterol.

Try: Cauliflower-crusted pizza, mashed cauliflower (in place of mashed potatoes) or roasted cauliflower

Sweet Potato

This starch is high in iron and vitamin A, and has anti-inflammatory benefits, Marchand says. They’re much healthier than regular potatoes and keep you feeling full longer.

Try: Baked or mashed sweet potatoes. “If you cook the sweet potatoes in the oven, they’ll last a week,” Marchand says.


Garlic helps to lower triglycerides and cholesterol while reducing inflammation, Marchand says. It’s also a great antioxidant.

Try: Garlic mashed cauliflower or quinoa-stuffed peppers with garlic


This fruit helps to lower cholesterol levels while its high vitamin C content helps prevent infection and improve overall health.

Try: Grapefruit with an egg or oatmeal for breakfast, or grapefruit with nuts for an afternoon snack

Three healthy snacks to curb an afternoon craving

1) 1/3 cup hummus with carrots, cucumbers and celery

2) 6 ounces of Greek yogurt with six almonds

3) 1/3 cup of edamame

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