Local Luxury: Tammy Fender’s Holistic Skin Care


Based in:

West Palm Beach

Who she is:

You may have heard of Tammy Fender. (And if you’re a celebrity, you’ve definitely heard of her.) Fender is loved by Hollywood’s finest for her calm aura and miracle-working, natural skin-care products. But here in South Florida, we have a luxury that the rest of the country can envy: we are a short drive away from an appointment with her at her flagship spa.

Why we’re obsessed:

Unforgettable. There is just no other word to describe a treatment at Tammy Fender’s spa. And a treatment with Fender herself? Simply out of this world – the kind of treatment you can walk into with a splitting headache and leave with it gone completely. Each treatment begins with aromatherapy using medicinal oils clients choose for their treatments. The scents are tied so heavily to mood that Fender says return clients rarely pick the same oils twice.


The spa’s signature treatment, Holistic Custom Facial with Reflexology, will be the best 75 minutes of your week – no, month. An aesthetician works on your face while a master reflexologist works on your feet.

Price range:

Services from $150 to $500

Where to FIND her:

711 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Fla.; tammyfender.com

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