“Love Blossoms” at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens

Guests can pick flowers and create their own bouquets thanks to the retail destination's interactive floral sculpture on February 14

Bouquet of flowers, Jessie Daniella via Unsplash
Photo by Jessie Daniella via Unsplash

To celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14, Downtown Palm Beach Gardens will display “Love Blossoms,” a four-foot-tall interactive floral heart sculpture. The community is invited to visit and curate their own free bouquets by picking live flowers from the sculpture. Shoppers are sure to feel the (flower) power of love when they present their colorful bouquet to loved ones. The flower frenzy will be located by the property’s recently unveiled interactive water feature near Froyotopia, and will be available until all blooms are picked.

“It’s important, now more than ever, to spread positivity and love to our community,” said Alexis Brock, Regional Marketing Manager for ShopCore Properties, owners and managing entity for Downtown Palm Beach Gardens. “This Valentine’s Day, we invite our community to visit the property and create beautiful bouquets for someone they love. Whether it be a spouse, significant other, parent, or friend, we hope these flowers bring a smile to their faces. We encourage our visitors to share their creations on social media and tag Downtown Palm Beach Gardens and #LoveBlossoms.”

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