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Plastic Surgery with Dr. Guiloff, M.D.

Doctor Name: Dr. Arturo Guiloff, M.D
Specialization: Plastic Surgery

Q: What are the latest trends and what should patients be thinking about?

A: Plastic surgery has always bridged gender divides, but for males, the stigma surrounding changing your features is now fading. Many masculine feature surgeries are on the rise, including Gynecomastia reduction (male breast-reduction) and facial contouring/ smoothing, including injectables like Botox or Juvederm. Why should the ladies have all of the options at their disposal?

Maintenance and preventative treatments are also on the rise, for everyone. Rather than just dramatic, one-time surgeries, clients are taking a more preventative approach to their cosmetic journey. Scheduling regular “me-time” appointments for minor updates like Coolsculpting or injectables to reduce the potential need for more invasive procedures down the road just makes sense.

Everyone deserves to feel and look their best, so why wait to correct it, when you can work to try to prevent it in the first place? And for those that want to take maintenance to the next level, their procedures are already off to a head start.

Q: How can someone make sure they are choosing the right surgeon?

A: While there are many options available, anyone interested in changing their body should be sure to work with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. Do your homework and research potential surgeons. Check out their reviews online, and see if they have any before and after photos that show their work on real-life people. Once you schedule a consultation, ask any questions you may have. A qualified surgeon will be happy to ease your concerns without promising unrealistic results. You should leave your consult feeling confident that your surgeon is in your corner to help create the best results possible for you.

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