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Spinal Care

Doctor Name: Dr. Biscup, M.S., D.O., F.A.O.A.O
Specialization: Orthopedic Surgery

Q: I need back pain treatment. How will it be decided whether I need surgical or non-surgical treatment?
A: Studies including MRI, X-rays and possible CT scans along with a thorough consultation will help accurately assess what the problem is. Treatment will then be determined based on the results of these studies.

Q: What is usually the root problem of a pinched nerve?
A: Nerves can be pinched from a variety of problems, including but not limit to, disc herniations, bone spurs, arthritis, synovial cysts, fractures and/or deformities such as spondylolisthesis.

Q: What are common symptoms often overlooked by patients that may be signs of spinal problems?
A: In addition to pain, other signs of spinal problems can be numbness, weakness, balance problems, difficulty walking or standing after a short period of time and bowel or bladder problems. 

Q: Can you describe the diagnostic technology your office uses?
A: In addition to a comprehensive consultation, we request innovative diagnostic testing, such as a weight-bearing MRI with flex and extension. This allows us to view the spine in its natural upright position, as well as when a patient is bending forward and leaning backwards. This unique physical configuration helps detect certain problems that may be completely missed by any other type of MRI. 


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