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by Amy Woods Feb 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Ann Savage lost a friend but never lost sight of the vision the two of them shared when co-founding BG Creative Marketing Solutions in West Palm Beach.

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by Lyssa Goldberg Oct 26, 2016 03:33 PM

Local theater lovers can now get a preview of the future of Maltz Jupiter Theatre—which in a few seasons should offer a larger stage and a conservatory double its current size—simply by entering the lobby.

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by Ileana Llorens Feb 11, 2016 05:35 PM

Taking in Jupiter’s scenery by foot or by water is surely an unforgettable experience, but lately, we’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like seeing our favorite spots from up above. 

Jupiter native Adam Dooms recently decided to take snippets of aerial footage he shot over the past six months and put together a video that pays homage to the place we call home. 

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by Amy Woods Jan 2016 Also on Digital Edition

Ever considered playing hooky for a day? Secretly long to emulate Ferris Bueller's fancy-free frolic through the streets of Chicago in Palm Beach County? Maybe out-of-state guests have arrived, and they need an in-the-know local to show them around town.

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by Amy Woods Feb 2016 Also on Digital Edition

From the Flaglers to the Carlins to the Greenbergs, the Palm Beach County we know and love today is thanks to dozens of pioneering families. Here, we dive into the rich history of our founding families and those continuing the legacy.

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