Nina’s Fresh Bakery’s Nina Tomasik Brings A Slice Of Slovakia To Abacoa Town Center


European pastries, freshly baked breads and gourmet custom cakes are coming to Jupiter.

Nina’s Fresh Bakery, run by Nina Tomasik of Palm Beach Gardens, will be opening in Jupiter’s Abacoa Town Center after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tomasik, who is originally from Slovakia, has been baking out of her house for the past two years as part of her small home-grown business. She uses commercial equipment in her home kitchen but has rapidly outgrown the space. 

When she opens in her new storefront, Nina’s bakery will serve breakfast pastries, including cinnamon rolls, muffins and croissants—chocolate-filled included—as well as coffee, tea and juice. For lunch, Tomasik will prepare sandwiches, salads and quiches. 

“There’s a huge hole in the market for bakeries and all these homemade, healthy, fresh-baked goodies,” said Tomasik, who grew up in the restaurant business back in Europe.

Customers with a sweet tooth can also enjoy homemade cakes, pies, tarts, brownies, cupcakes and cookies. All of those goodies are baked fresh daily and prepared from scratch using all-natural ingredients without preservatives, according to Tomasik.

Tomasik moved to Palm Beach Gardens eight years ago but only started baking after a visit home to Central Europe with her husband. She realized she missed the crusty European breads she couldn’t find as easily stateside (“crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside,” as Tomasik describes) and decided to make them for herself.

“I said, ‘I wish I could bring some of this back here.’ … I made the bread, and I kept getting better and better at it,” Tomasik said. “I’m just glad to share it with people.”

Around that time, Tomasik began baking creative cakes for friends and family. As word caught on, others started asking her to bake custom cakes for them, too. 

“People would call me and say, ‘Can you make it for my husband’s birthday?’ I never really wanted to charge anyone,” she said.

Of course, demand got to the point where she had to charge, and that’s how the business took off.

Tomasik is excited about the decor at the new storefront for Nina’s Fresh Bakery—it serves as a reminder of home. 

“I have my grandma’s old things there that she used when she used to bake,” she said. “It’s all in that traditional old style.”

The bakery should appeal to families and people across generations, Tomasik hopes.

“Just a cool place to hang with a piece of Europe,” she said.

Nina’s Fresh Bakery will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for breakfast and lunch daily.

nina's fresh bakery

Nina’s Fresh Bakery; 1200 Town Center, Suite 110, Jupiter

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