Shop At Jupiter Vintage To Benefit The Perry J. Wetlands Laboratory

by Holly Gambrell May 31, 2017 05:51 PM

On July 24, 2015 14-year-olds Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos went missing at sea, last seen leaving the Jupiter inlet. After an exhaustive eight-day search, the U.S. Coast Guard suspended their search efforts on July 31, 2015.

Cohen’s mother Pamela Cohen and stepfather Nicholas Korniloff founded the Perry J. Cohen Foundation to honor their son’s goal of having a career in the marine and environmental science and oceanography fields.

The non-profit is devoted to the advancement of boating safety, environmental, marine and wildlife education and preservation, teenage entrepreneurship and the arts.

Supporting the foundation, Jupiter Vintage has released a “Support the Wetlands” shirt for the summer season, promising that $15 of the proceeds from each shirt will be donated to the PJCF, exclusively supporting the Perry J. Wetlands Laboratory at Jupiter Community High School.

The shirts are $40 and feature a portrait logo of the foundation on the back of each shirt, designed by street artist Shepard Fairey.

The long sleeve wicking shirts are offered in men’s crew neck style, sizes small to XXL, and in women’s V-neck style, sizes small to XL.

To purchase a shirt visit the store’s location at 1548 N. US Highway 1, St. 102 or call 561.529.2297.

Photos via Facebook/Jupiter Vintage Design

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