Oceans Allure

Wander into this Palm Beach Gardens boutique for whimsical, one-of-a-kind ocean-inspired jewelry and more

Water lover

Owner and jewelry designer Monique Comfort has been passionate about the water ever since she took her first trip as a child to the Chesapeake Bay. So, when she moved to South Florida, the artist started fishing, diving and doing all things water-related. She even got into the jewelry business by representing marine artists. Today, her Palm Beach Gardens store, which officially opened in February, showcases her handcrafted, ocean-inspired designs like her stick coral necklace, starfish earrings and sea urchin pendant necklace.

It’s all hand-made

Comfort designs all of her own jewelry. She can create the pieces quickly – sometimes in under an hour. “What takes time is searching for the right materials,” Comfort says. But she’s constantly on the lookout for new materials during her travels. She creates one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces using sea green, blue and other bright semi-precious stones.

Coastal Style

Comfort calls the store “fun and reasonable.” Shoppers looking for clothing or a beach dress can peruse the racks for beach-y cover-ups, maxi-dresses and hand-made beaded bathing suits. Shoppers can also find sunglasses, aquatic totes and local artwork for sale. Most of the customers are local Palm Beachers, but tourists also wander in, Comfort says. “We hit every generation – grandmothers, mothers, daughters,” she says.

Sip ’n Shop

The store also provides customers with complimentary Champagne on Sundays and offers wine and cocktails to shoppers on random evenings. “We’ve gotten to know everybody,” 
the jewelry designer says.

Patrons can also find Comfort’s jewelry at many of the local art fairs, boat shows and festivals. “The best thing now is that I have a home base and if I run out of something at a show, I can tell people to come here,” she says.

Price Range

The jewelry is based on weight, Comfort says. One-of-a-kind pieces start at $75. Comfort’s signature sterling silver, stick coral necklace costs $115.

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