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Publisher's Letter

“We do not remember days,we remember moments.”

Ioriginally wanted to be a photojournalist. I loved documenting life on film – photographing friends, acquaintances and random strangers, special occasions, nature, unique sights and interesting vignettes, patterns and textures. I had an eye for composition and a knack for getting subjects to cooperate. It was storytelling at its finest and my first photography class in college was thrilling. I thought, “What better way to make a living?” That was until I struggled in the darkroom trying to rewind the film by feeling my way around the camera’s intricate parts in total darkness (I know, I’m dating myself). Nowadays, with technology, everyone is an amateur photographer/photojournalist – scroll through anyone’s iPhone photo album and you’ll find years’ worth of history documented, edited and optimized with speed and ease on a multitasking smart device that fits in the palm of your hand.

And who couldn’t be a photographer in such paradise? We residents of the Palm Beaches have no shortage of stunning subject matter in which to document – gorgeous crimson sunrises over the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean, double rainbows brought on by typical summer weather patterns, idyllic beaches, palm trees galore, history, architecture, wildlife, interesting places, diverse people, nature at its finest. Check out our paradise photo essay on page 66 where we bring you a glimpse of our little slice of paradise as seen through locals’ lenses. As someone once said, “You cannot avoid paradise, you can only avoid seeing it.”

Even though we live in paradise, it’s nice to get away, to explore other environs and cultures, so with the help of Sienna and Freddy of Sienna Charles travel, we offer up choice destinations for every season. In “The Four Seasons of Travel,” we have you covered from domestic to international, spring, summer, winter and fall.

If you’re looking for a staycation, travel no further than South Palm Beach to the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, formally the Ritz-Carlton. With the new name (Eau means water, by the way) came a deliberate rebranding and redesign reflecting its playful, spontaneous and indulgent mission statement – “miles away from mainstream.” For its “new-fashioned Palm Beach luxury” look, it brought in famed potter/designer, and part-time Palm Beach resident, Jonathan Adler, whose corporate philosophy to be “timelessly chic, then accessorize with abandon” fit the iconic Palm Beach resort just like clay on a potter’s wheel. I just love his quote, “Everything in a hotel room should be something that you want, something that you’re going to want to steal.” When I met Adler recently and toured the new rooms, I’ll admit I wanted to steal a few choice pieces- including his framed pagoda scarf and mid-century chandeliers! It’s a New Year, so steal some time for yourself in 2015 to travel, explore, indulge and make those memorable moments!