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Publisher's Letter

Achieving Wellness

You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to your circumstances. Many people have spoken these words in one form or another, but there’s one particular man who epitomizes the phrase and it only takes one look to see why. Born with no arms or legs, he’s turned a life without limbs into a life without limits, and is living proof that with a little less fear and a little more faith, we can achieve things beyond our wildest dreams. Part clergy, part comedian, Australian-born Nick Vujicic’s motivational speeches are heard nationwide. Vujicic’s next goal is to share his message of hope and acceptance using his Stand Strong anti-bullying campaign in all 50 states.

When asked if we wanted to interview Vujicic while he was here speaking to high school students in Jupiter, I didn’t think twice. Having seen him speak before, and knowing how captivating he was from afar, I knew he’d share some pretty powerful stuff. Who better to deliver a message that intolerance is cruel and bullying is not cool? His life lessons, as he points out, did not come easily, and are universally understood. You don’t even have to speak the same language to understand he knows of that which he speaks. His self-deprecating jokes not only break the ice and cause more than a few chuckles in a high school gymnasium, they also resonate with his target audience and speak to the core of the issues he is passionate about. “Who knows how many lives we can make better by serving as someone else’s miracle?” he poses. And his simple message is miraculous – helping to transform and save lives.

No one can control “Father Time,” but again, it’s all in how we handle it. With today’s technology, we have the tools needed to age gracefully. Even though growing old is an accomplishment, looking old before your time, isn’t. In “Beauty by the Decades” (page 58), we provide tips on how to look your best at every stage in your life. From topicals to tummy tucks, photofacials to fillers, we’ve sourced some local experts who know a thing or two about the business of vanity. And to help you stay healthy and fit, we’ve sourced local fitness trails in Palm Beach and Martin counties to get you off the beaten path, and into nature. Hike, bike, canoe, kayak, horseback ride, or waterski your way to health; you’ll have no excuses in sunny South Florida.

You’ll need fuel for those rides, so friends and co-authors, Dr. Ken Grey and Carol Maglio, collaborated for a year on their cookbook, Health in Balance. Using natural ingredients chosen for their curative properties, you can be more conscientious about what you eat. Food is medicine, after all. And no one knows more about medicine than our Top Docs, a carefully curated list of the best physicians in the area gathered by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Each year, this list and this issue serves as a resource for our health-conscious readers, and this year is no exception. To your health.