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Publisher's Letter

The Cheese Is Moving, Again

Who remembers the little mouse that wrote on the wall of the maze, “If you do not change, you can become extinct?” This rapidly changing digital age we live in reminds me of that little parable about two mice and two little men, constantly being forced to “move with the cheese.” The ones that got too arrogant and comfortable to change had a difficult time to say the least. The ones that adapted learned valuable lessons—change happens, so anticipate it, monitor it, adapt to it, enjoy it and be ready to change again! Stagnate or prosper, the choice is ours. This goes for us individually and for businesses. We at Gulfstream Media Group adapted years ago with the addition of tablet and online editions viewable from any computer or smartphone in responsive design. We also have a strong web and social media presence, offer digital native advertising and sponsored content, and are about to launch a new impactful direct response digital marketing package, knowing diversification is always best. We all know the retail landscape is changing as online buying increases, and area malls are diversifying as a result. In “The Reinvention of Retail” on page 40, we uncover how they are adjusting with the times in order to better serve today’s savvy customers, offering more in-store experiences, community activities and social aspects of shopping, while integrating technology and service companies into the mix. Shopping provides instant gratification. Who hasn’t looked at an Instagram post only to rush out to the store to buy that outfit or home décor item? Smart retailers need to be there when inspiration strikes, because despite some big box stores closing, 90 percent of people actually prefer to buy in a brick-and-mortar store. And digital can actually assist the brick-and-mortar retailers—armed with online intel, retailers can better know their consumers’ preferences; deliver relevant merchandise, and timely and trendy advice; and provide that special touch of customer service that connects us all. To that end, we thought it fitting to showcase our winter fashions amid contemporary art installations at CANVAS, the nation’s largest outdoor museum, whose theme of unity transcends our differences. Public spaces in downtown West Palm Beach are transformed into an outdoor museum, bringing artists in from around the world, as a way to connect us through the beauty of artistic expression. 

Jupiter Magazine and The Palm Beacher team, trendy and topical

The year 2018 is almost here, so whether you’re looking to ring in the New Year in style at a black-tie ballroom gala, enjoy a waterfront welcome, frolic alfresco, or view fireworks over the fairway, the Palm Beaches have no shortage of ways to commemorate the occasion. For family friendly festivities, check out the Noon Year’s Eve activities at area attractions like the Palm Beach Zoo and the South Florida Science Museum & Aquarium. And no New Year’s celebration would be complete without fine wine, so we provide the 411 on collecting, storing and enjoying fine wines and show you which ones to drink now and which ones to serve later. Cheers to the holidays, and have a little “cheese” with that fine wine!